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Seasons greetings

I woke up this morning, the harmattan so wild and despite shutting all my windows the cold chills still got me shivering under my cover cloth. I said to myself this season is worth writing about. There is something special about the last 10 days of the year. The weather changes all of a sudden, the atmosphere changes, excitement fills the air, people begin to prepare for holidays even private companies and conglomerates are forced to give holidays to their workers. It’s a season that knows no barriers, no restrictions, no dull moments. It’s a period of giving, sharing, meeting, reuniting, spending time with family and loved ones. Even the weather in this period is cool and relaxing (you will agree with me that harmattan is far better than heat).

What makes this season so special? Is it purely scientific? Is it the fact that we celebrate Christ, is it because of the geographic calendar? Or is it just meant to be?

Another fact to consider is stepping into the New Year. Could the fact …

What is seen and what is not seen

In the society, a habit or action produces two effects, the seen effect and the unseen effect. It is therefore wise and smart to often take into consideration both effects in any situation.
In companies, organizations and even in Nigeria there is always an open and a hidden part or side to everything. There will always be certain things and issues clear for all to see, consequences and activities clear for all to see while at the same time there will be underground details, hidden activities and issues.

What the society fails to realize is that both effects not just one of the effects affects the society. What I’m saying is every decision actually both seen and unseen have an influence on the people in the society. One way or the other we suffer for various consequences as a result of the seen effects of our actions as well as the hidden repercussions. What makes it worse is the fact that we not only suffer consequences of our actions we also suffer consequences of other people’s ac…

Say NO to violence against women

Here is another article from a guest writer on the blog. I personally felt this needed to be shared here, to join in creating an awareness. Nowadays female molestation and violence has become a trend, making waves and spreading like wildfire.Even kids are being molested, I believe in the cause to rise against violating the female folks. We have a right to our own freedom of movement in the society. Read what Oyindamola has to say...

Violence is no doubt one of the biggest threats to the peaceful co-existence of the human gender; males and females. It has eaten deep into the structure of the society and glaringly, the consequences has proven to be catastrophic as well as posing setbacks for societal growth. Violence is nothing short of a tender subject. From time immemorial, research has shown that a larger percentage women; both young and old are exposed to violence.

It is heartrendingly sad when females suffer at the hands of beasty men. It is now a norm to hear of men beating their …

leadership and liberty forum 2016

So on the 3rd of NOV 2016, Moronfolu Adeniyi sent me the link to the leadership and liberty forum (lalf) 2016. I opened the link and came to realize this particular gathering was really going to make sense. I became more anxious , expectant and excited when I realized I would be taking a session on Time management and leadership (leadership 101). Despite busy schedules and distance barrier, about forty participants and facilitators found their way to Royal green’s guest house Ibara Abeokuta on November 5th, 2016.

African student for liberty organization is an organization I have always respected and being indirectly a part of ,by this I mean I didn’t officially join while in school. Apart from the fact that these organization helps to discover and groom intellectuals. It is an organization comprising of ardent believers of liberty, freedom and leadership. They are a group of achievers who never act limited or limit themselves for no reason.

So as I listened to other speakers afte…

Madrid derby

Real Madrid has not beaten Atletico Madrid in the league since the days of Jose Mourinho. Real Madrid has a bad record against Atletico Madrid with only 1 win the last 10 games. Last season, Zidane lost at home to Atletico but since then till now, Real Madrid has gotten 63 points. Zidane on last season’s defeat said yesterday: “I remember the defeat. It always hurts, but I’m not thinking about that game. I’m thinking about tomorrow and we will try to do the best to win".

Though, Real Madrid has not played fascinating football much this season, they are winning. They are going into the game with 2 points ahead of Barcelona and another 6 ahead of Atletico Madrid. A win for Real Madrid will keep them on top of the league and with a difficult match out of their way. Knowing this, Real Madrid might feel this is their season to take.

At the end of this season, Atletico Madrid will quit their stadium Vicente Caldrone and will move to a 67, 000 capacity stadium, “La Peineta”. So, they m…

Big weekend

Truly, English Premiere League football has proven itself not to be a game played on paper. When Manchester United appointed Jose Mourinho, he was happy and full of confidence but recently he is sad and simmering with anger. His summer transfer signings have not been effective enough this season.

After having a bad game against Manchester city, Jose Mourinho has hardly given last season’s Bundesliga best player, Mkhitaryan the time to play. On Saturday, Manchester United will be without key man Zlatan Ibrahimovich ,when Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger renew their fierce rivalry. Zlatan Ibrahimovich is out due to a match, since he got banned for collecting five yellow cards.
Mourinho’s team have been suffering from injuries, with Eric Bailly and Antonio Valencia on sideline. Also, Luke Shaw might not play, he is injury prone. Mourinho already criticized him and Chris Smalling for not being fit for their match against Swansea, saying: “we have players with problems.” Manchester United…

Brief Psychotic disorder

Few years back, on a normal afternoon, I was returning home from school. I was on my normal route and I wasn’t expecting anything out of the blues to happen. I boarded a cab and was seated at the backseat adjacent to the left door, with an elderly woman in between me and another woman sitting right adjacent to the right door. Barely 15 minutes after the cab moved, it stopped to drop the woman seated close to the right door and pick another passenger. One would have thought that the new passenger would simply come in and the cab will move on but alas the elderly woman beside me alighted and ordered the new passenger to go in and sit in the middle while she seats by the door.
Everyone, including the new passenger, thought it was ridiculous, as she had no reason for getting down. We tried to tell her same but she vehemently refused. Perhaps she insisted because of a delusion she has e.g the seat is her right because she owns the air above that seat; she is not supposed to sit in between …

Memoirs of a Plateau corper

I may not be able to write a diary of a Plateau corper, but I can share some of the memories I had while in Plateau…..
On getting to Akwanga there was something strange and different about the environment.
I felt it physically and psychologically that I was out of my comfort zone and region. It was almost as if I was out of Nigeria. I know that sounds funny but it is true. We got to the place popularly called Forest, it was the entrance into Plateau state and I immediately knew without doubt how the place had really earned its name. The trees were so tall and much and the whole place as beautiful as it was, was scary.

Journeying through the roadblocks and barricades got me thinking, Nigeria has still not gotten over war threats and situations, why else would every checkpoint in the north resemble an hideout, soldier’s camp or roadblock. We got to Marraba Jama at around quarter to 12 midnight and our driver stopped the bus, saying he couldn’t take us further.
He claimed he had passen…

Dry bones

Jummai woke up startled. She just had a dream, in her dream she was running alongside some people she recognized as her colleagues then suddenly she fell down but when she did her colleagues did not stop running so she became annoyed in the dream that she stood up and raced after them then suddenly overtook them and then she woke up.

Jummai was bothered about the dream,although she had been having problems with her co-workers at work she never thought it would be that serious as to cause her nightmares. Later on in the day after telling her bosom friend who encouraged her to wave it that it was just her mind playing pranks on her, she felt relieved.

Two weeks later while rushing to work, Jummai was caught up in a traffic jam which led to her arriving 30mins late to work. Her boss who had been pestering her for an affair didn’t waste time before handing her an indefinite suspension letter. To add insult to her injury, other colleagues including junior workers especially the oga’s secr…

The Olympics at Rio

Never did I imagine I will be writing on this but then some things just happen because they are bound to happen. I started getting interested in Nigeria’s house ambassadors when my curious friend called my attention to the Nigerian ambassador to the Olympics at Rio. She wanted to know what the ambassador’s role was in Rio, why he was needed if he won’t be directly involved in arranging for venues or making sure the athletes get to the venue in good conditions, what benefits he gets, if this was just a compensation to him for running for president and losing under the ruling party? why he was even associated with sports in the first place, if there are no others who could fit the bill, how much it was costing the government to sponsor him and the athletes, why the Olympics ambassador was not too persistent about athletes’ welfare…..

It was in the bid to find answers to these questions that I realized that Nigeria had financial problems sponsoring the athletes and encouraging the…

Diary of an Ibadan corper 7

In this episode, another guest author, Anifowose Mariam a fresh Ibadan corper shares some of her experience as a serving Ibadan corper ..

All i wanted was to serve my country, but I was disappointed when I didn’t go with the stream 1 . To make matters worse stream 2 couldn’t go to camp on the scheduled date due to ‘logistic reasons’ as NYSC had said then.

Eventually June 13 came, I travelled to the NYSC orientation camp at iseyin oyo state. Hmmm, my first experience that day I just won't forget it. I was told to carry my box on my head and walk to the main entrance of the camp. The man o war people didn’t pity my petite stature, thank God I didn’t go with much load. I did as I was instructed, did my registration and collected my kit.

To my greatest surprise I was given a giant sized khaki uniform , to add salt to my injury I was given a jungle boot of size 45 whereas my real size is 36. I ended up swapping with other corp members four times until I eventually ended up with a siz…

Pride of London

The rivalry this weekend will wholly prove the long-lasting antagonism between Arsenal and Chelsea. On Saturday at the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal and Chelsea fans will be taunting each other when both teams meet this weekend. The first meeting between both teams was in November 1907, a match in which Chelsea FC won; 2-1. The total meeting between them is 187; with Arsenal being victorious in 72 games, drawing 54 games and losing 61 times to Chelsea.

The home supporters (Arsenal fans) are claiming to be the pride of London based on their numbers of trophies and history. Arsenal have won 12 FA cups, 13 league titles, two league cups, 14 FA community shields, and 1 UEFA cup winner’s cup. Their fans are like: “Chelsea, you have no history.” Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger reinvented football. He led his team to an unbeaten season in 2003-04; “The invincible.”

Chelsea believes they are the pride of London, asking Arsenal fans: “Have you won the champions league?” Chelsea have won 7 FA cups…


Being around people who pretend as much as they breathe lately got me wondering, why do people pretend? Why has it become so rampant? I looked further into what they stood to gain or lose. You will agree with me that pretence is an attempt to make something that is not the case appear true. Pretence is falsification of situations and reality, putting up a false show. Now we all know that nothing good can come out of anything false. So I can say that the disadvantages outweighs the advantages.

In the first place, pretence is a phenomenon which has to do with personality. The personality of the pretender and the one on the receiving end.

The pretender
Most times people pretend to be what they are not because they want to fit into the society, because they want to be accepted or in most cases they want to get over a feeling of low self esteem they have which is as a result of something.

A pretender has everything to hide. Either about situations or about his/her person, hiding who they …

Manchester Derby

Here is a guest article from a guest author on brownysays blog, Yemi Onayemi's maiden article on the blog is on the always discussed EPL. Enjoy....

This weekend, English Premier League (EPL) is about to get even harder as Manchester United faces Manchester City at Old Trafford Stadium. This will be the mother of derby matches in England; two teams with the two best managers in the world, fighting for pride and the EPL title. With history between these two teams, meeting 171 times; Manchester United have won 71, they’ve drawn 51, Manchester City have won 49 times. Saturday being the first meeting between the two managers on England shores. So much is at stake when these two teams face each other:

On Both Teams This Season:
This season, Jose Mourinho has wasted no time in spending 145 million pounds at Manchester United, bringing in; Eric Baily, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Harikh Mkhitaryan and Paul Pogba. Interestingly, Man-UTD didn’t sell any player. The Portuguese boss, Mourinho is tr…

10 things to learn from Mark Zuckerberg's visit...

Parent teen 2

In my first parent teen article, I categorized teenagers based on the type of parents who raised them and the type pf background/ environment they find themselves. The article continues with

Oye’s father works far away from home, the only times he comes home are on weekends, he doesn’t even show up every weekend, Oye gets all she needs from her mother but she still wishes her father comes home frequently or even everyday like her friend’s father. She was always getting into one argument or the other with her mother. They were always fighting, her mother didn’t seem to understand why she needed her privacy, why

she didn’t like wearing a particular cloth as well. She also needed her father’s re-assuring words and encouragement.

Musa hates the fact that his father who was never around will suddenly show up one weekend trying to re-structure his life in a day. He hates the fact that his father who hardlyhad enough time to get to know him concluded easily …

Diary of an Ibadan corper 6

The months flew past and everything became routine like and monotonous. Temptations to stab CDS started coming, it was easy kind of, all I had to do was ask someone to sign for me, of course signature will be forged, but I still was unable to do it. you may say it is because I like being honest and avoiding untruthfulness, discrepancies and the likes, you may say I have a very active guilty conscience or maybe it’s the fact that I know that nothing comes free the person who helps me sign today will expect that I repay the “good deed” someday soon and God knows I don’t have such guts. Anyway bottom line is I couldn’t do it , so my trips to Ibadan north local government continued weekly.

The annoying queues came too as well as unending annoying addresses they usually gave, come to think of it, those address hardly benefitted one. It was either the local government inspector was complaining about indecent dressing or he was complaining about certain payments.

There was a time SAED ,sk…

Your television might be killing you....

“that’s definitely not possible, at least in this generation”! my friend was quick to respond when I declared it would do young people more good to stay away from television.

Did somebody just say really? Yes really and seriously! A lot of young people today have problems with their academics because of excessive viewing , a teacher once complained bitterly about the fallen standard of education.
I am not saying that television is entirely bad, there are times when you watch certain interesting and benefitting programs but for those who spend an abnormal amount of time in front of a T.V its definitely killing you gradually.

It diminishes your IQ because it reduces your ability to think critically since while watching T.V the brain activities switches from left to right and the right side tends not to critically analyze incoming information. You waste certain hours of your life watching other people making money.

Excessive television viewing can increase your risk of premature death…

As baked as biscuit..

As I watched the biscuit shaped dough go into the oven, I began to analyse and examine the processes the dough undergoes. The moulding stage, the baking stage which involves heat at different stages at temperatures above 100 degrees before it finally comes out has “ready to eat” biscuit.

The biscuit oven has 3 zones, zone 1, zone 2 and zone 3. At each zone, different processes occur at different temperatures and heat level. At the first and second zone, the moisture in the dough is eliminated and proofing begins, the dough rises and forms at these stages, structure and texture is determined at this stages as well. While the third zone is responsible for the biscuit colour.

Dough is made to pass through thorough mixing, kneading ,proofing and baking just before it comes out as biscuit. All of the various processes and treatments the dough is made to go through is usually forgotten as soon as the biscuit is out of the oven and ready to eat.

My point exactly ? As ordinary dough has t…

This Niger Delta issue...

The conflict in the Niger Delta started in the early 1990s over tensions between foreign oil corporation and a number of the Niger Delta’s minority ethnic groups who feel they are being exploited particularly the Ogoni and the Ijaw people. Petroleum having being discovered in Ogoniland and Ijawland brought about competition for oil wealth and violence between many ethnic groups causing the militarization of nearly the entire region by ethnic militia groups as well as Nigerian military and police forces.

Several killings, brutality, unjust ill treatments , all manners of wicked punishments have been meted out on innocent people. Violence, destruction of lives and properties as well kept occurring all because the Nigerian government failed to protect and care for the people on whose land 85% of Nigeria’s wealth came from. The oil companies who kept benefiting at the expense of the lives and existence of the
Niger Delta people tried to help protect them from the consequences of oil sp…

DIary of an Ibadan corper 5

As he encouraged me to go on a bike, I realized he only kept quiet all through the car journey to allow Mr. slender have his time. He wasn’t as gentle as I had thought. But we got to the local government and thank God I wasn’t expecting much, I brought out my fare to pay the bike man and he brought out exactly his own fare too. He didn’t offer to pay at all, he just paid and walked on I was surprised. But more surprised and disappointed was I when I walked into the local government and saw about one thousand corpers or more pushing, shouting , screaming at each other. All trying to sign, this connoted that we had been counted. To crown it all it began to drizzle, I didn’t know whether to cry or scream! I walked closer and joined the struggle. It was bad, I mean really bad. Some corpers who still ha long distances to go even had to branch , they tried to see if they could participate in the headcount. Because they obviously knew they would never get to their stations that day.
I wish I…

Parent-teen tips (Tips to parenting)

I know that I m yet to be a parent, I m also not a teenager but I can assure you that I believe in this article that I have put together and I hope that someone somewhere will read this and realise this is true.. this is how it goes...

A teenager is a young person whose age falls within the range 13-19. They are called teenagers because their age number ends with TEEN. This stage is also referred to as adolescence stage. The period of transition from childhood to adulthood. In the past teenagers used to be those sets of people who believe that nobody understands them.

Teenagers used to be those people who always have problems with their parents and the society at large, those set of people who live in a world of their own having ideas which seem crazy and unattainable to their parents. These set of people who know more than you think they know. Well that is what it still is today, if any change can be said to have occurred it is the fact that more evolutions have occurred and all o…

No longer daddy's girl

Dad has always been my favorite,not because mum died leaving him to take up the responsibilities of both parents but I've always admired him and seen him as a wonderful person. Even when mum was alive I seemed to get along well with him more as mum and I were always arguing and disagreeing. A common phenomenon between teenage daughters and their mothers.
Dads seem to pamper and understand their daughters more.

But no one prepares the daughter for the time she will have to leave her father, for a time when she will have to go far away from home either to work or to study. No one prepares the daughter for a time she will need to find her source of livelihood on her own, no one tells her that a time will come when she will only be able to speak to her father on phone. No one reminds her that her father has his own life to live and is on a journey on this planet like every other person. That her father is just a caretaker who will eventually need care himself when he grows old. No one…