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N-power: Questions the Federal Government Needs to Answer

The travails of the average N-power volunteer can not be overemphasized. From battling with difficult bosses and PPAs to dealing with missing or delayed stipends. It is clear that the Nigerian empowerment programme is not for the faint hearted.  The minister in charge of the ministry of humanitarian affairs where Npower has been moved,  Sadiya Umar Farouq , has just confirmed that about 12000 beneficiaries are being owed their monthly stipend. It is nor that she was willing to make this declaration as she had earlier said that all volunteers had been paid. However, the uproar on social media had become deafening.
It is quite sad that steps are only taken to improve or correct the situation of things in this country, only after overwhelming complaints have been reported across the media. More disheartening is the fact that sometimes, this doesn't work as well.
In the midst of all these, it has been announced that the first two batches of the program should get set to be exited so tha…
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Can We Put An End To Rape?

Nigeria, and a lot of African countries have an extremely low conviction rate for rape and sexual abuse. Despite an increase in violence in women in recent years, a lot of rape victims are still made to go through the pain of watching their attackers go scot free.

An human rights lawyer who has been handling sexual assault cases for over a decade, once said cases are not effective enough, because some instances of rape are not recognized in the eyes of law. Sometimes, after medical examination when no signs of force or bruising, is seen, the law does not recognize that as rape.

Sadly, everyday, more children, and females especially are being molested secretly by both people known to them and those unknown to them. How can this evil be battled?
Rapists must be Convicted
Enough of government taking issues of rape with levity. Once a rape case is reported, valid arrests must be made and investigations completed. Once a rapist has been identified, he or she must be made to face the law. I…
Women For Liberty Africa (WFLA) held her first whassap webinar on the 3rd of April, 2020. The speaker Abigail Dantzie, is a sexual assault transcendence coach, helping the abused find their power, rise above their limitations, be better, do better and live freely.

Her mission is to alleviate suffering by bringing healing to the hearts of the wounded souls of many, enlightening and supporting them to access their power and reclaim their vision and live a more abundant life of health, wealth, happiness and success.

Her expertise stems from experiencing years of serious exploitation, surviving it and understanding how it affects individual's lives.

 She also has several years of experience in coaching, speaking internationally, holding workshops and teaching people how to transcend difficulties to better lives. 

She has the essential skills needed including self-awareness, empathy, non-judgmental, understanding and many more.

Her goal is to create positive impact in the lives of the…

A Fruit President Story

Once upon a time, in a land where fruits were not just edible but audible, a president had to be chosen. The date for a presidential election was set and Tromp the big Orange, Binion the teary onions, Paul the hard pawpaw, Benny the soft berry, Alp the proud apple, and Hannah the sweet banana all decided to run for president..

You can't be bored!

I know you are bored especially with the new stay at home rule, but what kind of boredom are you experiencing? Are you so bored that you are becoming depressed and/or unmotivated to do anything? Or are you so bored that you want to do something to bring you out of that mood even if it means creating something stupid?
Last night I thought within myself, 80% of individuals will go to sleep tonight and then wake up tomorrow morning to go through the same routine again. It is the season of Country lockdown and the routine for most people is simple - Eat, Work from home( for some), take care of the house, cook( for some), Spend hours on the phone, Sleep and Repeat. The act of hanging out and/or having unprotected sex is not even safe for those who engage in this anymore at this present time. Some really close friends are even practicing social distancing, what could be more awkward than your friend telling you not to visit at the moment. Of course many are grateful for the gift of life and …

What I think About Gabrielle Union's "Welcome to the Party"

Apart from the fact that the beautiful and ageless Gabrielle Union and her daughter, Kaavia James, have stolen our hearts from the start, we enjoy seeing their cute and hilarious moments together on Instagram. Now that Kaavia has inspired her mother to write a children's book, you can be sure of one thing, the book, "Welcome to the Party",will be an outpouring of affection and a mother's love. 

Live healthy with Fruttanuts Nigeria Limited

Fruttanuts Nigeria Limited, located at 2 Limson estate, Ojodu Berger, makers of GingerUp(120ml), GingerUp(500ml), GingerUp(satchet) and GingerUp jam(premium quality) have assured that their products which contains Ginger, Honey and water is NAFDAC approved and it has a whole lot of health benefits.

Benefits  of Ginger Up

1. Helps relieve digestive issues
2. Promotes detoxification
3. Relieves menstrual cramps
4. Fights colds
5. Natural Antiinflammatory
6. Speeds up the rate of metabolism
7. Improves Blood Circulation
8. Relieves Tooth Ache
9. Promotes Detoxification

Ginger Up is available in supermarkets on the island and on the mainland. For more information contact the company on:

Telephone: +2349082229999

Instagram: fruttanuts_gingerupdrink
Facebook: Gingerup Naija