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Its february 14
When I first saw on a friend’s status that the guys had to be grateful to GEJ (Jonathan) for postponing valentine this year, I thought it was a joke until I started seeing ‘febuhari 14” hashtags and dps everywhere. Lover’s day turned elections day.
So all this fuss about Buhari finally birthed a pun, even GEJ didn’t know he was helping his opponent’s campaign. Too much uproars, disagreements, arguments on social medias over the forthcoming elections got me wondering “why are we like this in this country?”
Why are we so gullible in Nigeria? We keep getting played like pawns. I remember in 2011, everyone was clamoring for GEJ just like GMB now, we thought our change had come then too, we thought a PhD holder who had no shoes will understand the society and make things better but alas the position proved to be too much for him to handle. Why then do we so much believe that Buhari who (for some reasons I don’t totally accept or find trustworthy) found it an herculean task…

January baby ....

First of all I personally think its so cool to be born in the first month of the year! *smiling* very significant. This year I really don’t know what came over me I just felt the urge to really celebrate January babies. So far so good I know I have tried and I have gladly celebrated all the January babies I know.

Despite not believing totally in astrology or zodiac signs I agree that people born this month are great and can be really cool.i believe they are people who truly standout in the crowd, even if they can be stubborn (N.B every human being is stubborn in his or her own way) and can be” big heads” like someone once said I still maintain… you just gotta love a January baby. They are charming, loyal and in any way you can think of fun to be with. Also a true January born finds it difficult to lie…. No kidding……okay I agree there might be some rare exceptions. lol

Anyway its January 26, my special day and I just want to give glory to God for keeping me “superwoman in the making…

living off campus 7

I was really disturbed and sad, Tunji had driven out of the house still angry, wole and his friends left after he banged on our door to serve as a reminder I guess. Even after the girls were gone and everyone was gone I knew there was no sleeping or reading for me that night. Whoever says a bad roommate couldn’t affect one’s academics should have a re-think. My ordeal with Ife had proven so many things.
Bukky later knocked on our door late in the night, after her visitors where gone I guess. I knew what she was coming for,of what benefit was re-telling a bad story so I pretended I was asleep, hoping that ife wouldn’t be stupid as to open up. Luckily she didn’t.
The following day, I made sure I left the house early, I needed to read for my test as well as avoid further questioning from housemates. They didn’t know that, they even knew more about Ife than I did. I was grateful that Uche and Ugo as well as Timothy were not at home to witness the show of shame the previous night. The…

Living off campus 5

My initial indifference turned to concern. Why was Ife crying? Had Tunji hit her? If he had done that, that was the height of it. I kept asking her what was wrong with her but couldn’t reply. All she did was weep. After a while, she spoke up tunji had brought another girl into the room and he had the effrontery to send Ife out. What further added insult to Ife’s injury was the fact that the girl was more beautiful than she was.

I tried to console her without giving her the ‘I told you so’ attitude. She kept on cursing and lamenting, she even threatened to go into Tunji’s room and embarrass them but I stopped her. Rather I advised that she wen later to get her things when the other girl was gone.

Ife was still lamenting when we started hearing voices at he passage , it was definitely Doyin’s voice. She was raining curses heavily on Ronald. We were surprised, we kept quiet and leaned against our door to hear every bit of what was being said but all we did hear was Doyin cursing Ro…


“Did you lean on it too much”I asked even as I bent to help her pick the pieces. Mixed feelings of annoyance and surprise enveloped me. Why was she even vomiting in the first place? Definitely Riike was right. As I dropped the broken sink outside the house, I could still hear Bukky and her visitors chatting loudly but I wasn’t concerned anymore about that.
Worry over Ife and what could become of her if she was truly pregnant took over. I was about entering the house when Doyin whose room was closest to the backyard where the dumpsite was came out.” That loud noise came from your room?” she asked in vernacular I replied in the affirmative “how did it happen? “she continued, I knew if I was going to safe Ife from any form of shame or embarrassment I had to cut the conversation short, so I just replied that I didn’t know because I just came into the room when it happened. I had just gotten free from Doyin who kept trying to draw out information from me, only for me to enter our room a…


I never thought I’d have to write about this but then here I am writing. One of the most difficult tasks life gives is that of single parenting, be it the death of a parent or a case of divorce the absence of one of either parents leaves a void which is often difficult to fill. A single parent is saddled with the responsibilities of both parents and often times than not most people who find themselves in this position are usually not prepared for it. Not even when there are telltale signs earlier that they will eventually become one.

These parents battle with having to live without their partners, especially if such was a great loved one. They struggle to balance living above the hurt and forging ahead especially with the children ,the children who also share in the pain and challenges. Children, Old or young, male or female, still feel the absence of the missing parent . A void they as well struggle to fill. Even in cases where the remaining parent re-marries , there is still a…


Professional branding,an act of imprinting or engraving a brand name or symbol on to a product, is fast becoming a big deal in the society.Branding is exposition and advertising, branding is originality, vibrancy and creativity, branding is marketing, branding is like making one’s mouth water before the meal .There are people who are skilled and have been trained in this act, these are people who know the dos and don’ts of branding, people who make products come alive.

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