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Diary of an Ibadan corper 3

Transportation remained a re-occuring challenge, I can not forget the day I went with two friends to the market after work, I should have turned down the request but I had an errand to run too. We should have left early if I had known. It was on a Friday which worsened the case. We went first to the mall to get what my guardian sent me not knowing what still awaited us, after some minutes in the mall we went to the market. One of us was going to buy a bag and shoe,we kept entering different stores she just wasn’t satisfied. I was getting angry but our other friend appealed to me to be patient,

I was becoming wary of time and the atmosphere was beginning to change as if it was going to rain. I still hadn’t gotten any of the things I decided to get for myself, by the time we eventually satisfied this my friend, I had lost the desire to go further to get anything. I almost turned back cancelling what I had to get but my friends encouraged me. By the time we got to the weavon store the r…

christmas Jubilee!

Christmas comes once in a year
 Christmas comes with no fear
Christmas brings several stares and glare
A glamorous occasion so very dear….

I thought about Christmas and the above came to mind…another thing that came to mind is the way christmas is celebrated. Yes we know we represent Christmas as the birth of Jesus but then how did we come about father Christmas/ santa claus such that it became a tradition and we all especially kids look forward to it yearly?
From tales, father Christmas was said to have started because of a man, st Nicholas who lived in a place now regarded as Turkey. He was a very rich man because his parents died when he was young and left him a lot of money. He was very kind and had reputation for helping and giving to the poor.  He gave secretly too. Sometimes ago He started dropping bags of gold in the home of a certain poor man secretly every night to enable the man get his daughters married.  Finally the poor man determined to know who was giving him money, t…


I was a bit disappointed when in November the harmattan still hadn’t surfaced,as if it was playing hide and seek. Instead of harmattan people complained of heat and hot weather. Who would have thought that come first week in December the harmattan will be fully out? The messed up weather conditions all over so much deceived me into believing the harmattan will be late this year. Dry air all around me, feeling cold as I write this I realize that just as I have misjudged the season and the year a lot of times we misjudge people, circumstances and situations.
We see something odd and surprising about a particular thing , person or circumstances and we are quick to sum it all up and judge. A lot of talents, gifts and opportunities have been lost because we fail to dig deep, we fail to clean up the mud and see the gold, we fail to see the diamond beneath.we fail to give benefit of doubts.

If late Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s ability to pass messages across through his ‘Afrobeat’ songs had been deni…

December Rush

For some reasons everyone rushes towards December.  I ve been seeing a lot of ‘I love december” “seasons greetings” pms and dps. Consciously or unconsciously one realizes that no matter how broke people claim to be, the society is looking forward to Christmas, preparing for Christmas in December.
 People prepare for various reasons, for some its merriment and time to be with distant loved ones again, for some it’s the interesting and exciting Christmas church services and beautiful carol renditions, for others it is the holidays they get, free days to do whatever they like and for some it’s the time to make extra money (industries that pay for extra work hours during holidays). For some it’s the time to achieve all they have been unable to achieve all through the year. Marriage, house warming, buying a new car and so on.

All in all, there is a rush before December and there is another rush in December (Christmas celebration and merriment) then the rush after December ( Rush into the …

Tutorial 4 : How to start customising a shirt

This tutorial has been long overdue, I’m sorry its coming late but I had to learn from the masters of the art before putting this up.(thanks ozee clothings).

First of all when customising a shirt, whether t-shirt, crop tops, shirts two things are involved , the materials used and the design for the clothing materials. Polyester or cotton is used, cotton is usually of more quality the medium used to reflect the design is another important factor there are ususally 3 types used

Flex is a printing technique where the design is cut from a colored foil and then pressed onto the shirt under high heat. It is not as expensive as the other forms..

Flock is a printing technique where the design is cut from a colored foil and then pressed onto the shirt under high heat.  (more tutorial lessons on this later).
Luminous printing lights up the cloth, it is said to be more expensive than the others. (more tutorial lessons on this later)
Other mediums include, direct to garment (DTG…

Diary of an Ibadan corper 2

So I started work in the wonderful city of Ibadan , putting aside my transportation wahala, I settled down to enjoy serving my fatherland. I remember how much that statement (serve your fatherland) had haunted me when I first got posted to Plateau  (watch out for diary of a Jos corper). How does one serve her fatherland dutifully in this country where almost all the states have been infested by robbers, bad roads, kidnappers, ritualists and suicide bombers? That’s what I say to anyone who asks me why I left the beautiful land of Jos.

Settling down at my local government was another palava. How is it possible that one will never get anything done in this country with a bit of ease, without having bribed the officers in charge? When CDS  or clearance days approach every week I usually dread the long queues, the pushing, the stress.. not forgetting some annoying and corrupt NYSC officials who have sworn to frustrate your life whenever you are needed at the local government.

I remember m…

I love November

Why is the 11th month of the year so special one would ask? Although according to Gregorian calendar November was the ninth month of the ancient calendar. (November from Novem which means nine). A lot of people who are aware of my love for that month have asked me several questions, it is not as if I can provide a definite answer to that question. As a matter of fact this may sound childish and naïve but my first attraction is the name of the month, I like the pronunciation, the sound of it… there is also this celebration mood that brews in this month… the thought of the new year ahead, the thought of Christmas in December, the end to the rains and the birth of harmattan.

The weather is usually beautiful for sporting activities this month. Although presently since almost everywhere in the world is suffering from messed  up weather conditions, climate and season and especially in Nigeria where we now have extremities of weather, November has not been acting like November but anyways I…

The training season

The assumption:  when you and everyone assume that all that one goes through is a normal occurrence, no big deal.  Note: Nothing happens as a normal occurrence, nothing happens by mistake, everything that happens has been predestined, pre-planned and prepared by God.

The uncomfortable phase: when you begin to face certain situations, that appears abnormal and unpalatable. When you long desperately for a change.

The lamentation phase: when you get tired of the situation and begin to complain to everyone, every person that is willing to hear and join the pity party ; which obviously won't help you.

The pre-realisation phase: when you begin to see that this particular situation, the series of event has been experienced by you earlier and you probably reacted the same way you are reacting.
Note: God makes us repeat examinations which are majorly life lessons in the spiritual just as we repeat examinations in real life if we keep failing.

The non- challance phase: after realizing espe…

Diary of an Ibadan Corper

Stepping into the largest city in West Africa, I was overwhelmed by the thought that this our very own Yoruba speaking city in the west could be awarded such accolade as “largest city in Africa”. I desired to drive around town to see everywhere in this city but I knew that wasn’t possible in one day. Consolation was, I wasn’t leaving anytime soon.
My joy and excitement at residing here and being stationed here began to reduce when I took my first bus, Apata to Dugbe. I must say,This bus looked very good on the outside, deceiving a not suspecting me into getting in. I sat down and felt like I was sitting on steel, unfortunately I couldn’t get off anymore, the bus was on the move what would I have given as excuse for wanting to get off all of a sudden?

As more passengers got in, the real inconvenience began. We had to squeeze into the vehicle. A fat woman got in on the back row where I was and life became totally miserable in the bus. We hadn’t moved 10mins when we got into this terrib…


Misunderstandings are inevitable kinda.. ever wondered why today you are friends with someone and it seems as if there is no one like them and the following days you wonder how you ever coped with them ? They become like total strangers in some cases.. as much as we all long to live together peacefully and lovingly especially with loved ones, I ve come to realise we still step on each other's toes. Whether we expect it or not, I personally hate being mis understood.  Like adults say, the teeth still bites the tongue as together as they are. The most important thing is to strive to settle disputes amicably. With consideration, maturity and giving benefit of doubts  misunderstandings should be settled. As long as an individual is on this planet and alive, he or she will get into misunderstanding situations.The ability to settle differences amicably is what gives birth to love, joy and peaceful co-existence.

Maintaining balance

I remember when I was in primary school, we had this seesaw, where two kids could get on at once. Each kid had to sit on either sides and when one goes up the other comes down. I realized as young as I was then that I didn’t always feel comfortable when I was either too high or down, I always preferred when we both maintained a balance, when we were on the same position.
Maintaining a balance is really a big deal, I have come to the realization that if everyone in the society strives and try their best to live a rational and normal life, the society will be a better place to live in. how often do we come across people who are rich, successful, intelligent yet sad, hostile and bad tempered? How often do we  come across unreliable, selfish but intelligent people? How often do we come across intelligent, brilliant, magnanimous and wise people who do not have a good relationship with God? Do we get the picture?
I know a lot of us might think it is not possible to attain perfection, like …


Nature’s wildest gifts are best seen when you are not exactly looking for it. You just come across them by mistake, unannounced, unsuspecting like two snails mating in the early hours of the morning in their humble abode, amongst the green grasses. As I got ready for work that morning, my mind flashed back to the mother hen I had seen guarding her chicks from behind as they scavenged for food on the streets the previous day, it looked like they were just straying about, each looking for what to eat but then it looked very much like the mother hen guarded the younger chicks from behind, since she was leading them and at the same time going from behind. Or perhaps it was me, maybe I over interpreted the whole scenario, maybe my missing and longing for my mother affected my reasoning.

I woke my brother up as usual to lock up the door after me, I usually had to leave very early for work, my brother often went back to sleep after I was gone. As I trekked the lonely, dark path to the junct…

Feel Good

“What am I ever going to be good at? All my life I have always had to applaud others but no applause for me. I never get noticed, even when I’m noticed its by not so very important people like me. Will I ever make it big, will I get to the top of my career? Why can't I sing like Onome? Dance like Ekaette, be humorous like Yemi , be beautiful like Ola, act in dramas like Moni, captivate the audience with my wonderful speech like Cynthia? Write widely appreciated books and articles like Ibukun? Why? Is there something wrong with me?

I can't even lead my class in tests and exams, I can't cook perfectly like my sister, I cant even attract the right people. Why does someone have to beat me in everything I do? Was I born to be a mediocre?  Or a lowlife?  My life is so pathetic.

Twenty year old  Mofe complained to her aunt. She had gone to spend her session holiday with her aunt. Her aunt who had noticed her behaviour asked her what was bothering her and what you just read was h…


So I decided to share one of my movie reviews for Nollysilverscreen here...

Title : Yeepa!
Genre : play/ drama
Director :  Niji Akanni
Year : 2014
 Yeepa! Is a filmed Tunde Kelani Play, a fusion of stage and film technique adapted from Femi Osofisan”s classic literature “who is afraid of Solarin” interpreted as Yeepa! Solarin nbo.
Without many locations and scenes, one can say this play is a tribute to the late Disciplinarian Tai Solarin but at the same time its an expose  on the level of moral decadence and corruption in the country. From the council chairman (Ropo Ewenla),  to the pastor with secrets (Ebun Oloyede olaiya) down to the various councilors. Their quests to bribe the public complaints commissioner and the manner in which  (Bayo Bankole) appeared as Isola Oriebora, the fake commissioner deceiving not only the councilors but the pastor”s innocent daughter cecilia all depicts this. Humor in the play, the funny cast names, Polycarp the semi- moron houseboy , w…

Handling embarrassments

“I was already midway my speech when I abruptly stopped, I had totally forgotten the next lines and it was to be recited offhand. The audience started clapping for me, deep down I knew they wanted me to get off the stage because they were young people mostly students and when they clapped like that, that is exactly what they mean especially when it was accompanied with laughter and jeers. After stuttering for about 2mins, I gave up and climbed down from the podium. That was my first speech to an audience of young people and I had never been more embarrassed my whole life”. Tara says.
When Femi was called to speak in front of the whole congregation at a campus fellowship he didn’t know his trouser’s zip had worn out and his underwear were revealing. It was when an usher came to whisper in his ears that he knew the reason for the congregation’s chuckles. Femi confessed how embarrassed he was.

To be embarrassed is to be disgraced, ashamed, nervous or uncomfortable in a social situation…

Interview with an amazing corper

She actually didn’t tell me her name, I stole it… I was sitting at the pavilion in my camp waiting to know what food was to be served before deciding if I was going to eat, when she approached me with her food flask and asked if she could sit by me. Earlier on I’d been seeing some of them on camp, I kept wondering if they were on assignment on camp or if NYSC removed the age bar. Anyway I got into conversation with Tagwai Stella, she was reluctant at first but later felt free with me I know I should have told her from the onset that I was interviewing her, anyway she caught me along the line and she asked if I was a journalist. I could only laugh, Nonetheless here is what she had to say.

Stella: I’m from Benue state, I studied public administration and I have children but I wont tell you how many. (laughs)
Browny: even if you tell me you are 30, I know that you are above 30 so can you tell me why you decided to come for this orientation programme not minding the age barrier?
Stella: …


When the social director of my platoon asked me to write about chefs, here is what came to mind...
When I was younger, I hated cooking, being the last daughter didn’t help matters which is why up till now I respect good cooks and I see chefs as awesome. Becoming a chef means you love to cook so much that you make it a profession, I must say the path is not easy, it involves long hours, physical labour and sometimes risks.

Especially when you are cooking something new or trying out new ingredients.
Most chefs begin from home, they cook different delicacies as try outs until they become confident, some cook for other people first on a small scale, till they gain grounds. A lot of factors affect the work of a chef, the final taste and outcome as well. One of the hidden factors is mood. I learnt from experience and people’s testimony that one’s mood before and when cooking affects the taste of the meal. Although everyone has their own distinct taste and no matter how much you tr…

You are not a failure!

My second week on camp, I was beginning to feel totally useless, having being denied by the popular OBS (Orientation broadcasting service) an opportunity to showcase my talent and be useful for 3weeks on camp, a writing competition which I was supposed to participate in cancelled and worst of all, rejected in the volleyball team. I was told that I had weak fingers and my height wasn’t good enough, I couldn’t feel any more useless. But just as I lamented to close friends and thought God was deliberately hiding me, I realized that, the fact that I was denied an opportunity to showcase doesn’t mean I couldn’t be heard or seen. So I went ahead to write this short piece and submitted to my platoon leader for morning meditation.
“Becoming successful is the desire of everyone. Even though they say success is 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration, success remains a thing of the mind. It is a conscious determination and will to do well. As they say when there is a will, there is a way. Having t…


Hi! First accept my apologies for leaving abruptly and not posting all these while. I don't totally have an excuse but I had to heed the clarion call. to crown it all I found myself having to go to a state on the hill (Plateau). I've had to battle the different responses I got from people, different reactions as well but in the end I had to go. I'm glad I did actually, the experience is priceless, now that I have seen the middle belt and northern Nigeria,I have more things to say about this country. Expect articles on these and lots more in the weeks to come.

I also plan to share my camp experience, an interview I secretly held with an overaged, zealous camper as well. In the meantime relax, tutorial articles will continue, living off campus series ends and a new story series will begin. Thanks for visiting the blog...

Whats in a name?

A name is an identity indicator, a name is a pointer to several things, it can provide certain information about the bearer. when asked, most individuals declare that they were named after a specific person, interest, occurrence or period.
The name Nigeria, as named by flora Shaw was inspired by the river Niger running through the country. The name was coined from “Niger” and “area”. According to research , the origin of the name Niger is uncertain and this originally applied only to the middle reaches of the Niger river. One would have thought that since Nigeria was named by a british citizen and after a lone river, by independence her name would have been re-coined considering the country’s expanse of land. Also considering the myth about a name being the reason for actions of the bearer, which has been proven by certain myth followers.

Although the holy book supports the fact that a name truly has a lot to do in the life of the bearer but a myth as it is classified, is said to be…

Squash video

Watch few minutes of squash

Tutorial 3: How to play squash

Yes we are discussing sports, remember this tutorial series is not stereotyped to a particular line, genre or format. It’s a series of teachings on different useful vocational and non- vocational skills. This week having realized how much interest sport lovers are showing towards the sport name squash and realizing that a handful of people hardly know about the sport, I decided to talk to a sportsman who is known for his squash playing prowess. Here is what he said:

I started playing squash because I wasn’t a fan of team sports, I like sports that you play individually, you win or lose , you know its your fault not anybody’s. Asides that ,the game of squash has a lot of health and social benefits.
It improves cardiovascular health, the game can see you running, diving, lounging and leaping for the ball
It increases strength, fitness, flexibility, good eye and body coordination and agility
Gives greater confidence, opportunity to make new friends, improve concentration as well as r…

Living off campus 11

I rushed out and I learnt that the university had become interested in the robbery case and had requested to interrogate us, as news of houses being burgled had become too frequent and since in our case the policemen suspected a foul play amongst the housemates. I didn’t like the sound of it, I’ve never had any reason to be involved with the university security officers or the senate, although a part of me was a bit at rest, knowing that I was no thief and I had no link with any thief. But to say my housemates were alarmed and scared is an understatement. Serious panicking, the information asked us to report first thing in the morning to the university senate house everyone of us living in that house.

Truly we all went, whenever anyone had issues with the university, all your records till date had to be reviewed. This was how I found out that, AK who we thought was in 300l, just got admitted into 100l and he had been living in the house for about 2yrs, more shocking was the fact that …

Living off campus 10

This is a work of fiction based on the writer's imaginations. Any resemblance to names, characters, persons,places, events and incidents is purely coincidental

I was more than surprised when someone finally told me that the whole house had been robbed! I was alarmed and worried at the same time, I was about to rush to my room when someone stopped me to say my room and Timothy’s room was not touched. I felt somewhat relieved but I still felt bad for my other house mates. Laura had been beaten, so was Ronald who happened to be around with his girlfriend and had been caught unawares. As for wole he was exposed , the robbers I learnt headed for his room first and he was sent running outside the room half naked with another girl he had spent the night with as the robbers tried to break open his window.

As for Riike ,her little savings was carted away, Kunle wasn’t home too but his new model, expensive laptop was stolen. His own door wasn’t damaged, so the robbers must have easily gain…

Tutorial 2: how to search for information online effectively using google and other search engines

A lot of times we spend too much time on the internet while researching on a given topic, this can be frustrating especially when we have limited time, data or power supply to work with. Ever wondered why you search for some things and you don’t find the right or detailed information that will be helpful? While I was still an undergraduate a friend of mine confessed that she wasn’t really swift and skilled in searching for information online using google and the likes.

Effective searching is a powerful skill, think about how often you go on google even to search for something so simple such as spellings of words.. I do that at times. I thought of all these and decided to share a few tips I know and that I also found out even as I asked skilled computer gurus. Here are some below, I hope you find them helpful.

In searching effectively, the search engine one uses matter. Results are based on relevance ranking and search algorithm used by the search engine. I once heard from one of m…

An INEC adhoc staff's election experience

Having been tempted to enroll and work as an adhoc staff in the Nigeria 2015 elections but my dad stopping me, I couldn’t help but hold on to the idea of what it would have been like to participate. I also kept wondering, amidst the fear of the unknown and violence in the country some young people like me especially corp members were bold enough to still go ahead with the task and work mostly for the money I suppose.

Although reading the punch newspaper Monday, pg3, I realized that some corp members were actually really too scared to show up at their centers, causing delays. Do I blame them? No . Anyway I have decided to share the experience of someone I interviewed, who worked as an adhoc staff in the south south part of the country, calabar to be precise.

“the night before the elections , I was really in a bad mood. We had to sleep on benches at the rack center, in preparation for the following Saturday. I had a terrible time sleeping, of course I had not much choice since I alre…

Living off campus 9

Riike usually didn’t go home often. She didn’t have the perfect family setting, we all understood and really felt for her. This particular weekend she returned to school sad after having had a quarrel with her mother. Kunle had been more than willing to give her shoulders to cry on. This made me and other housemates realize that Kunle must have always had soft spot for her. She herself took to him and was going in and out of his room to hers, he likewise. To think that Riike had a serious fiancé and she still encouraged serious closeness with another guy was surprising.

I was of course annoyed and surprised. If Kunle had always wanted Riike, why get close to me in the first place? Why do guys do that? Kunle must have realized that I wasn’t really pleased as he stopped coming to my room and our relationship became strained. We hardly saw each other in the house and when we did it was just “hi” hello”. Activities in the house remained the same and somewhat boring. Wole and Laura sti…

FIrst tutorial : How to write an essay/ article

I have been thinking of what the first tutorial on this blog should entail. I realise that readers here have different interests at the same time while catching fun, I like knowledge being acquired. That is why I will be discussing how to write a simple essay. This can work for students who still need to write essays to pass their school leaving certificates, other young writers or those who would love to become better at writing, for those writing on a research too. Here are a few tips:

Find subjects you truly care about and write on them
Except you are being tasked to write a specific topic, or given an assignment in school you will be helping yourself improve and building confidence by writing on subjects of your personal interests. Be it politics, religion, human rights, societal vices, sports, emotions and lots more

Have an outline before you start writing
It helps you to arrange your thoughts brilliantly in your first draft, before the final draft. Yes! have a first draft, exc…


HI, i am about to introduce some tutorial series to the blog. here we can get little ideas about a few skills, as they say, no knowledge is lost. look forward to it, it starts soon.


This is for the majority who love style, swag and fashion. People like me who appreciate sense of imagination, people who love to standout and be distinct and finally people who like to be branded: ozee clothings..

Its no longer new that clothes and other personal wears are branded according to individual taste but ozee clothings stand - out, wears ranging from hood wears, joggers, t-shirts, polo shirts, tank tops, face caps and so on are designed to suit your taste and also to help express how fashionable you can be. You can decide to trust their judgements as to giving you designs you will love and at the same time if you are so imaginative and fashion savvy you can give speculations for your preferred designs and it will be done at a reasonable price!

I have experienced this branding outfit and I can say it is worth it! That’s why I m bringing it here in the first place *winks*. For more enquiries call : 08137268964. See some of their wears below, Start ordering for yours , reme…

Living off campus 8

This series ‘Living off campus’ is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead or actual events is purely coincidental.

As is expected, new sessions bring new surprises. It was already as if ife’s episode was closed as no one knew or asked of her whereabouts. I decided I was going to live alone since there was no room mate in sight besides I was done with and tired of roommate issues. The other housemates were glad I remained in the house, not certain its because they had so much love for me though. On Sunday morning, the second week of resumption, kunle knocked on my door early in the morning. I was surprised to see him that early, especially when we had only being greeting each other from afar, as per new housemates.

He then told me that ugo and uche already informed him that I was the only one in the house who att…


Its february 14
When I first saw on a friend’s status that the guys had to be grateful to GEJ (Jonathan) for postponing valentine this year, I thought it was a joke until I started seeing ‘febuhari 14” hashtags and dps everywhere. Lover’s day turned elections day.
So all this fuss about Buhari finally birthed a pun, even GEJ didn’t know he was helping his opponent’s campaign. Too much uproars, disagreements, arguments on social medias over the forthcoming elections got me wondering “why are we like this in this country?”
Why are we so gullible in Nigeria? We keep getting played like pawns. I remember in 2011, everyone was clamoring for GEJ just like GMB now, we thought our change had come then too, we thought a PhD holder who had no shoes will understand the society and make things better but alas the position proved to be too much for him to handle. Why then do we so much believe that Buhari who (for some reasons I don’t totally accept or find trustworthy) found it an herculean task…

January baby ....

First of all I personally think its so cool to be born in the first month of the year! *smiling* very significant. This year I really don’t know what came over me I just felt the urge to really celebrate January babies. So far so good I know I have tried and I have gladly celebrated all the January babies I know.

Despite not believing totally in astrology or zodiac signs I agree that people born this month are great and can be really cool.i believe they are people who truly standout in the crowd, even if they can be stubborn (N.B every human being is stubborn in his or her own way) and can be” big heads” like someone once said I still maintain… you just gotta love a January baby. They are charming, loyal and in any way you can think of fun to be with. Also a true January born finds it difficult to lie…. No kidding……okay I agree there might be some rare exceptions. lol

Anyway its January 26, my special day and I just want to give glory to God for keeping me “superwoman in the making…

living off campus 7

I was really disturbed and sad, Tunji had driven out of the house still angry, wole and his friends left after he banged on our door to serve as a reminder I guess. Even after the girls were gone and everyone was gone I knew there was no sleeping or reading for me that night. Whoever says a bad roommate couldn’t affect one’s academics should have a re-think. My ordeal with Ife had proven so many things.
Bukky later knocked on our door late in the night, after her visitors where gone I guess. I knew what she was coming for,of what benefit was re-telling a bad story so I pretended I was asleep, hoping that ife wouldn’t be stupid as to open up. Luckily she didn’t.
The following day, I made sure I left the house early, I needed to read for my test as well as avoid further questioning from housemates. They didn’t know that, they even knew more about Ife than I did. I was grateful that Uche and Ugo as well as Timothy were not at home to witness the show of shame the previous night. The…

Living off campus 5

My initial indifference turned to concern. Why was Ife crying? Had Tunji hit her? If he had done that, that was the height of it. I kept asking her what was wrong with her but couldn’t reply. All she did was weep. After a while, she spoke up tunji had brought another girl into the room and he had the effrontery to send Ife out. What further added insult to Ife’s injury was the fact that the girl was more beautiful than she was.

I tried to console her without giving her the ‘I told you so’ attitude. She kept on cursing and lamenting, she even threatened to go into Tunji’s room and embarrass them but I stopped her. Rather I advised that she wen later to get her things when the other girl was gone.

Ife was still lamenting when we started hearing voices at he passage , it was definitely Doyin’s voice. She was raining curses heavily on Ronald. We were surprised, we kept quiet and leaned against our door to hear every bit of what was being said but all we did hear was Doyin cursing Ro…