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how to be happy

Jefferson Bethke in this video explains the true meaning of being human and how to be a happy one. no matter who you are, your beliefs, your ideas or values, this video is meant for you. enjoy!


Its the most important day of one's life if you ask me, although sometimes we tend to see it as just a normal day, nothing special about it.but deep down we see more to that day. even after we are older, more matured and have busy schedules we still secretly hope that someone will surprise us on that day, or that something big, great, unusual, exuding so much joy will occur that day.



Have you ever felt so badafter someone passed a comment? Has anyone ever made you feel so bad about yourself? have you ever received comments that dampen your spirit? Have you ever felt worthless? If yes ,then you have just encountered a critic and a dangerous one at that.
To be criticized means to say that you disapprove of somebody or something or to judge the good and the bad qualities of something. You cannot avoid criticism. Aristotle once said “criticism is something you can easily avoid by saying nothing, doing nothing and being nothing” Constructive criticism is good but criticism that makes you feel bad about yourself, that is set to degrade and discourage you not necessarily to correct you should be avoided. Its worse for people who get easily affected by what others say. I mean people who live on public opinion and acceptance. If you are somebody seeks approval from people or that takes in what everybody says about you, you might nee to have a re-think a…



Music is dynamic, music is branched, and music is not a one way traffic. ‘’music is my life…’’He declared,’’“oh music simply makes me high’’another one says.’’my life is never boring with music’’she declared. These are some of the responses some young people gave when they were asked what music is to them. People are often intoxicated by music.Ignore the title of this article because virtually all Young people evenolder youths are easily influenced by music .The lyrics,the rhyme,the rhythm, the beats, send them all twisting,break-dancingeven day-dreaming.The influence of music on the teenager’s life cannot be over-looked.Apart from the fact that some actually waste time concentrating on lyrics, finding out latest releases,it has become an addiction for some! A sixteen years old girl once confessed that she couldn’t sleep without listening to music. One of my older friends does virtually all he needs to do around the house listening to several songs. Even when has t…


Brownysays is finally here..... this blog promises to be interesting, informing and beneficial.expect articles on a wide variety of subjects, tutorials on vocations, arts and music as well as interviews and videos. this is just the beginning, come along...