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Living off campus 4

It turned out to be Ola. Ola was a casual friend of mine, those kinds of friends you make as a result of a necessity or a joint responsibility. More like an acquaintance, I had an inkling Ola really liked me but I pretended not to notice. Seeing him that afternoon really surprised me, we were through with the fellowship project that brought us together, what could he possibly want? I thought within myself
After exchanging greetings and settling down, I expected him to state the reason for his visit but he only looked at me and smiled. This got me more impatient and irritated. He obviously wasn’t my kind of person. As if that wasn’t enough, I had secretly hoped that Ife wouldn’t leave me alone with him but unfortunately she stood up and excused herself from the room.
I was angry, now he will think he is being given free space to talk. i didn’t bother offering him anything, I didn’t want to prolong his stay. He picked up our album and started looking through making comments which I o…

Living off campus 3

It was Wole. We had no choice than to serve him. Then few minutes later, Laura came in to “greet” us. She started to complain about having stew but no vegetables I was getting impatient and angry but Ife had already entered the kitchen taking a bowl to give her . As we all sat eating I was calculating in my head our three hundred naira 10 pieces of meat was finished. The stew we were hoping will last all through the weekend. Yet it was still Thursday.
After all our uninvited guests were gone, I started to blame Ife out of frustration she was supposed to lock the door since she came in last. In the midst of these we had totally forgotten we still had to fetch water for the evening and the following day. By the time we stopped arguing and realized we hadn’t fetched water, it was too late to go out. Our house was surrounded by thick bushes which the caretaker had refused to take care of even after collecting money from each room for it. This made snakes our estranged visitors.
Neither I…

Living off campus 2

Ifeoluwa was half naked fumbling with her clothes, struggling and scrambling to pull her trousers up to zip it. Guilt written all over her, I quickly composed myself then I greeted Tunji who was carrying on as if nothing happened. I told her I was back before leaving the room.
As I walked back to our room, I couldn’t stop replaying the scene I just witnessed. What had just happened? As I entered our room and slumped on the bed, Ife sauntered in. I was so disappointed that I was trembling. ‘I m sorry you had to see us that way.’ She said ‘ but I accepted to date Tunji long time ago’ she continued. I felt bad, so I had been living with a pretender. No wonder Toye left the room furnished for us. Toye was Tunji’s friend besides Tunji could have paid. I was still lost in thoughts when she immediately started talking about one of our friends whom she ran into in school. I knew she was trying to bury the hatchet. It was a topic too embarrassing and annoying to discuss so I grudgingly played…

Living off campus

I was excited when Ifeoluwa suggested that we became roommates. We were very good friends and it was our second year in the university and having spent our first year in the school hostel we decided to see what it was like to live off campus.
The thought of living together outside school got me more excited. We immediately set out together to search for a suitable apartment. The first day ended and we were disappointed as we were unable to find a place that suit us. After 3 days of frantic search with no success we were beginning to lose hope and was preparing to go back to the school hostel when a friend called to inform us of an apartment . He was moving out of the apartment so it was luck on our side. The apartment was self contained and Toye our friend left his rug, window blind, kitchen cabinet for us without collecting a dime. I was so overjoyed that I didn’t think there was more to Toye’s generosity we just thanked him and packed into the room.
The first …

story series

hi, i am sorry this is coming late but I am about to introduce story series into the blog. so watch out for interesting series on here.. first i will be introducing living off campus, a series i thought i completed but then by popular demand I am continuing it... see episode 1 to 6 first....


Over a decade ago, the whole neighbourhood in which I lived in was thrown into darkness. This lasted for a whole year, it all started when our transformer blew up and stopped generating power. All efforts to make the government then in power provide a new one proved abortive. Within that year a lot of people moved to another neighbourhood, I don’t know what held my parents back. it was a year of candles and lanterns all night, only a few people were privileged to own a generator , which was so rare then.
The only times we took cold water or drinks was when mum bought iced block from the other part of town, we resorted to sun drying as our major means of preservation of perishable was like living in a village. Now when I look back, I began to wonder, how did we survive a whole year in darkness? Again this same incidence repeated itself when we moved to our new neighbourhood, that lasted for well over a year, about a year and 7months. A lot of people went beserk, we couldn’…

Tangerines or apple?

I woke up around 3am one midnight, I’d been having a fitful sleep, I got into the toilet to ease myself and on coming out into my room something struck me. I could vividly view the entrance to the next house from my room. My room had a great view of the community where I lived as it was upstairs. I looked at the entrance to the door of our neighbours for an abnormally long time. The manner in which their doors and burglary doors were locked got me wondering “I definitely saw them last night…… are they away? Didn’t they sleep in tonight?” not that I forgot it was normal to lock doors at night but for the first time in my life, the awkwardness in the reality of locking one’s doors and gates up at night hit me. It felt rather strange that our neighbours, including ourselves and other millions of Nigerians everywhereelse had to lock gates and doors up at night. Some even had extra measures like barricades, iron bars when going to sleep. As if all tha…


Hihi...I know this blog has been moving at a slow pace for a hasn't been totally intentional. Very soon, tutorials on writing, sewing and some other crafts of interest will be included on this blog. I hope to start uploading videos of tutorial sections too.
I m learning and really working towards this. But in the meantime, keep reading some of my articles and I will also upload my series LIVING OFF CAMPUS. I m sure you will enjoy it. Thanks for reading...lots of love

What to do when caught in a bomb blast


As I write this article with a heavy heart and temporary uncertainty, my concerned and troubled mind wonders when Nigeria will eventually overcome this evil insurgence that has taken over almost completely. I hate to listen to the news everyday because it is usually saddening and heartbreaking. Bad news everywhere, slaughtering, massacre, bloodbaths, kidnapping, bombings and shootings not to talk of the inability of an average Nigerian to afford the basic things of life: food, clothing and shelter. As at now, nearly 300,000 Nigerians have been displaced from their comfort zones in the north eastern part of Nigeria, thousands of people have been forced to their early graves. Their horror filled faces, their struggles, their confusion, their innocence yet they still met their untimely deaths. I have decided to share what I have learnt about bombs, not that I have come to accept the situation in Nigeria as I strongly hope for a change and a restorat…

Impoving your academics

This post was shared earlier but mistakenly wiped off.. here it is again

TIPS TO HELP IMPROVE YOUR GRADES Assuming its halfway through the semester and you see your tests scores or its the end of the semester and you see your results and you didn’t do well as you thought or maybe just looking at the result makes you sad. Either way do not give up hope you can still turn around or improve your grades over the rest of the semester. Here are a couple of habits that you should integrate into your academics to improve your chances of success.
1. Start projects or assignments right away Make it a habit to start working immediately on your projects and assignments because this enables you to put part of your brain to work on ideas and problems and the flow of ideas.

silver screen

Recently my friend and I visited the cinema,we felt like seeing a movie but decided to get to the cinema first before checking the listings. We later settled for a Nigerian movie not that we planned to watch a Nigerian movie as we've both been made to believe that you will have judiciously spent your money at a cinema only if you saw a foreign movie. But the Nigerian movie time was more convenient  for us so we opted for it.

how to be happy

Jefferson Bethke in this video explains the true meaning of being human and how to be a happy one. no matter who you are, your beliefs, your ideas or values, this video is meant for you. enjoy!


Its the most important day of one's life if you ask me, although sometimes we tend to see it as just a normal day, nothing special about it.but deep down we see more to that day. even after we are older, more matured and have busy schedules we still secretly hope that someone will surprise us on that day, or that something big, great, unusual, exuding so much joy will occur that day.



Have you ever felt so badafter someone passed a comment? Has anyone ever made you feel so bad about yourself? have you ever received comments that dampen your spirit? Have you ever felt worthless? If yes ,then you have just encountered a critic and a dangerous one at that.
To be criticized means to say that you disapprove of somebody or something or to judge the good and the bad qualities of something. You cannot avoid criticism. Aristotle once said “criticism is something you can easily avoid by saying nothing, doing nothing and being nothing” Constructive criticism is good but criticism that makes you feel bad about yourself, that is set to degrade and discourage you not necessarily to correct you should be avoided. Its worse for people who get easily affected by what others say. I mean people who live on public opinion and acceptance. If you are somebody seeks approval from people or that takes in what everybody says about you, you might nee to have a re-think a…



Music is dynamic, music is branched, and music is not a one way traffic. ‘’music is my life…’’He declared,’’“oh music simply makes me high’’another one says.’’my life is never boring with music’’she declared. These are some of the responses some young people gave when they were asked what music is to them. People are often intoxicated by music.Ignore the title of this article because virtually all Young people evenolder youths are easily influenced by music .The lyrics,the rhyme,the rhythm, the beats, send them all twisting,break-dancingeven day-dreaming.The influence of music on the teenager’s life cannot be over-looked.Apart from the fact that some actually waste time concentrating on lyrics, finding out latest releases,it has become an addiction for some! A sixteen years old girl once confessed that she couldn’t sleep without listening to music. One of my older friends does virtually all he needs to do around the house listening to several songs. Even when has t…


Brownysays is finally here..... this blog promises to be interesting, informing and beneficial.expect articles on a wide variety of subjects, tutorials on vocations, arts and music as well as interviews and videos. this is just the beginning, come along...