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BSB INTERVIEW: Interview with Adeyemi Onayemi

Adeyemi Onayemi is a young graduate of biochemistry from Yaba college of technology. He is an upcoming script writer and film maker. Apart from the fact that he is passionate, resilient and talented , he is a determined and hardworking script writer who is set to impact his generation and bring a new dimension into the world of script writing.
He recently filmed his first short film "Twisted" having just concluded his youth service. Read his interview by brownySays blog (BSB) below:

BSB :What was growing up like?

Adeyemi :   It was fun. I'm from an average family. Life was not difficult. I had everything I needed to get to where I am at the moment.

BSB:  Tell us how you ventured into script writing

Adeyemi: I started scriptwriting class on my phone with Google in the 2010. Then 2013, I went to study the course at pefti film institute.

BSB : Why script writing?

Adeyemi:Not just script writing. I love film making. Well, script writing for me is important. It is a tool for…

BSB BOOK REVIEW : Better tomorrow by Dotun Famoriyo

Dotun Famoriyo is a young and enthusiastic writer. I met him earlier this year at an African students for liberty hangout.

One thing I admire about him is the fact that he believes so much in his dreams and he keeps putting in his best to achieve them.
He has published his first book" Better tomorrow " and here is a review by MSC Okolo.

Book Review
Title: Better Tomorrow
Author: ‘Dotun Famoriyo
Publisher: Quantum G Concept
Year: 2017
Pages: 39
Reviewer: MSC Okolo
There is, perhaps, no phase that determines what someone becomes in life as the youth stage.  The attitude developed at this stage, parental direction and societal input all come together to determine either a great future or a wasted one.

In Better Tomorrow, Dotun Famoriyo presents the attributes necessary for achieving a great future.  Through the experiences of the main character, Dayo, the author reveals the cardinal principles of making it in life.  These include having a mental disposition that change is poss…

Delightful December

There is something special about the last 10 days of the year. The weather changes, the atmosphere changes, excitement fills the air, people begin to prepare for holidays even private companies and conglomerates are forced to give holidays to their workers. It’s a season that naturally strives to prevent sadness, restrictions and dull moments. It’s a period of giving, sharing, meeting, reuniting, spending time with family and loved ones. What makes this season so special? Is it purely scientific? Is it the fact that we celebrate Christ, is it because of the geographic calendar? Or is it just meant to be?
Image source
Another fact to consider is stepping into the New Year. Could the fact that one is stepping into a new year be the reason for the season's turnaround and excitement? According to Brian W. Carter, the word to describe this season is ‘joyful’. It is one of the busiest times of the year as well for store owners especially as people flock into stores to take advantage of s…

The second sex story

You must have read my first sex story here, if you haven't, you still can below. Here is another one.... Heads turned, hearts skipped and time seemed to stop whenever Dotun was near. Dotun was the representative of his department and everyone loved him, he wasn't only handsome, he was brilliant. So you can imagine how i felt the first time our paths crossed, it was at a tutorial. I had, had to approach him for "proper" explanations. I was not good in calculations and i simply adored those who were good in it. I had also finished from an all females school and believe me when i say my knowledge about guys and their ways really sucked. The things i found embarrassing wasn't embarrassing to other girls and more annoying was the fact that I had a serious crush on Dotun. I was angry at myself for feeling light headed and somewhat special the day Dotun asked us to study together. I was happy that we could be together for some time without any interference. Dotun must …