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Uncertainty is an unknown information, unsure situation and a dicey circumstance. It's a condition in which most of us find ourselves in, in our journey through life. How often we experience Uncertainty depends on how daring, withdrawn or complacent we are. If we give in to uncertainty, we may make wrong decisions, taking the wrong turn and it may ruin things.

For every action there is an equal opposite reaction and for every challenge or unpleasant situation there is a solution. How do we act and overcome when faced with uncertainty?

* Since the reason you are uncertain in the first instance is because you do not know what to do, then do nothing... WAIT and be PATIENT. Do not make hasty decisions

* Weigh the situation, decide the things you can control and those you can't control in the circumstances.

* After separating them, put aside the things you can't control and focus on those you have control over.

* Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of making each decision ap…