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Seasons greetings

I woke up this morning, the harmattan so wild and despite shutting all my windows the cold chills still got me shivering under my cover cloth. I said to myself this season is worth writing about. There is something special about the last 10 days of the year. The weather changes all of a sudden, the atmosphere changes, excitement fills the air, people begin to prepare for holidays even private companies and conglomerates are forced to give holidays to their workers. It’s a season that knows no barriers, no restrictions, no dull moments. It’s a period of giving, sharing, meeting, reuniting, spending time with family and loved ones. Even the weather in this period is cool and relaxing (you will agree with me that harmattan is far better than heat).

What makes this season so special? Is it purely scientific? Is it the fact that we celebrate Christ, is it because of the geographic calendar? Or is it just meant to be?

Another fact to consider is stepping into the New Year. Could the fact …

What is seen and what is not seen

In the society, a habit or action produces two effects, the seen effect and the unseen effect. It is therefore wise and smart to often take into consideration both effects in any situation.
In companies, organizations and even in Nigeria there is always an open and a hidden part or side to everything. There will always be certain things and issues clear for all to see, consequences and activities clear for all to see while at the same time there will be underground details, hidden activities and issues.

What the society fails to realize is that both effects not just one of the effects affects the society. What I’m saying is every decision actually both seen and unseen have an influence on the people in the society. One way or the other we suffer for various consequences as a result of the seen effects of our actions as well as the hidden repercussions. What makes it worse is the fact that we not only suffer consequences of our actions we also suffer consequences of other people’s ac…