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Diary of an Ibadan corper 7

In this episode, another guest author, Anifowose Mariam a fresh Ibadan corper shares some of her experience as a serving Ibadan corper ..

All i wanted was to serve my country, but I was disappointed when I didn’t go with the stream 1 . To make matters worse stream 2 couldn’t go to camp on the scheduled date due to ‘logistic reasons’ as NYSC had said then.

Eventually June 13 came, I travelled to the NYSC orientation camp at iseyin oyo state. Hmmm, my first experience that day I just won't forget it. I was told to carry my box on my head and walk to the main entrance of the camp. The man o war people didn’t pity my petite stature, thank God I didn’t go with much load. I did as I was instructed, did my registration and collected my kit.

To my greatest surprise I was given a giant sized khaki uniform , to add salt to my injury I was given a jungle boot of size 45 whereas my real size is 36. I ended up swapping with other corp members four times until I eventually ended up with a siz…

Pride of London

The rivalry this weekend will wholly prove the long-lasting antagonism between Arsenal and Chelsea. On Saturday at the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal and Chelsea fans will be taunting each other when both teams meet this weekend. The first meeting between both teams was in November 1907, a match in which Chelsea FC won; 2-1. The total meeting between them is 187; with Arsenal being victorious in 72 games, drawing 54 games and losing 61 times to Chelsea.

The home supporters (Arsenal fans) are claiming to be the pride of London based on their numbers of trophies and history. Arsenal have won 12 FA cups, 13 league titles, two league cups, 14 FA community shields, and 1 UEFA cup winner’s cup. Their fans are like: “Chelsea, you have no history.” Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger reinvented football. He led his team to an unbeaten season in 2003-04; “The invincible.”

Chelsea believes they are the pride of London, asking Arsenal fans: “Have you won the champions league?” Chelsea have won 7 FA cups…


Being around people who pretend as much as they breathe lately got me wondering, why do people pretend? Why has it become so rampant? I looked further into what they stood to gain or lose. You will agree with me that pretence is an attempt to make something that is not the case appear true. Pretence is falsification of situations and reality, putting up a false show. Now we all know that nothing good can come out of anything false. So I can say that the disadvantages outweighs the advantages.

In the first place, pretence is a phenomenon which has to do with personality. The personality of the pretender and the one on the receiving end.

The pretender
Most times people pretend to be what they are not because they want to fit into the society, because they want to be accepted or in most cases they want to get over a feeling of low self esteem they have which is as a result of something.

A pretender has everything to hide. Either about situations or about his/her person, hiding who they …

Manchester Derby

Here is a guest article from a guest author on brownysays blog, Yemi Onayemi's maiden article on the blog is on the always discussed EPL. Enjoy....

This weekend, English Premier League (EPL) is about to get even harder as Manchester United faces Manchester City at Old Trafford Stadium. This will be the mother of derby matches in England; two teams with the two best managers in the world, fighting for pride and the EPL title. With history between these two teams, meeting 171 times; Manchester United have won 71, they’ve drawn 51, Manchester City have won 49 times. Saturday being the first meeting between the two managers on England shores. So much is at stake when these two teams face each other:

On Both Teams This Season:
This season, Jose Mourinho has wasted no time in spending 145 million pounds at Manchester United, bringing in; Eric Baily, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Harikh Mkhitaryan and Paul Pogba. Interestingly, Man-UTD didn’t sell any player. The Portuguese boss, Mourinho is tr…

10 things to learn from Mark Zuckerberg's visit...