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Parent teen 2

In my first parent teen article, I categorized teenagers based on the type of parents who raised them and the type pf background/ environment they find themselves. The article continues with

Oye’s father works far away from home, the only times he comes home are on weekends, he doesn’t even show up every weekend, Oye gets all she needs from her mother but she still wishes her father comes home frequently or even everyday like her friend’s father. She was always getting into one argument or the other with her mother. They were always fighting, her mother didn’t seem to understand why she needed her privacy, why

she didn’t like wearing a particular cloth as well. She also needed her father’s re-assuring words and encouragement.

Musa hates the fact that his father who was never around will suddenly show up one weekend trying to re-structure his life in a day. He hates the fact that his father who hardlyhad enough time to get to know him concluded easily …

Diary of an Ibadan corper 6

The months flew past and everything became routine like and monotonous. Temptations to stab CDS started coming, it was easy kind of, all I had to do was ask someone to sign for me, of course signature will be forged, but I still was unable to do it. you may say it is because I like being honest and avoiding untruthfulness, discrepancies and the likes, you may say I have a very active guilty conscience or maybe it’s the fact that I know that nothing comes free the person who helps me sign today will expect that I repay the “good deed” someday soon and God knows I don’t have such guts. Anyway bottom line is I couldn’t do it , so my trips to Ibadan north local government continued weekly.

The annoying queues came too as well as unending annoying addresses they usually gave, come to think of it, those address hardly benefitted one. It was either the local government inspector was complaining about indecent dressing or he was complaining about certain payments.

There was a time SAED ,sk…

Your television might be killing you....

“that’s definitely not possible, at least in this generation”! my friend was quick to respond when I declared it would do young people more good to stay away from television.

Did somebody just say really? Yes really and seriously! A lot of young people today have problems with their academics because of excessive viewing , a teacher once complained bitterly about the fallen standard of education.
I am not saying that television is entirely bad, there are times when you watch certain interesting and benefitting programs but for those who spend an abnormal amount of time in front of a T.V its definitely killing you gradually.

It diminishes your IQ because it reduces your ability to think critically since while watching T.V the brain activities switches from left to right and the right side tends not to critically analyze incoming information. You waste certain hours of your life watching other people making money.

Excessive television viewing can increase your risk of premature death…