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Parent-teen tips (Tips to parenting)

I know that I m yet to be a parent, I m also not a teenager but I can assure you that I believe in this article that I have put together and I hope that someone somewhere will read this and realise this is true.. this is how it goes...

A teenager is a young person whose age falls within the range 13-19. They are called teenagers because their age number ends with TEEN. This stage is also referred to as adolescence stage. The period of transition from childhood to adulthood. In the past teenagers used to be those sets of people who believe that nobody understands them.

Teenagers used to be those people who always have problems with their parents and the society at large, those set of people who live in a world of their own having ideas which seem crazy and unattainable to their parents. These set of people who know more than you think they know. Well that is what it still is today, if any change can be said to have occurred it is the fact that more evolutions have occurred and all o…

No longer daddy's girl

Dad has always been my favorite,not because mum died leaving him to take up the responsibilities of both parents but I've always admired him and seen him as a wonderful person. Even when mum was alive I seemed to get along well with him more as mum and I were always arguing and disagreeing. A common phenomenon between teenage daughters and their mothers.
Dads seem to pamper and understand their daughters more.

But no one prepares the daughter for the time she will have to leave her father, for a time when she will have to go far away from home either to work or to study. No one prepares the daughter for a time she will need to find her source of livelihood on her own, no one tells her that a time will come when she will only be able to speak to her father on phone. No one reminds her that her father has his own life to live and is on a journey on this planet like every other person. That her father is just a caretaker who will eventually need care himself when he grows old. No one…

My KPMG test experience

The fear of being jobless is somewhat a common phenomenon especially in Nigeria, this is what prompted my constant job hunt discussions with one of my friends who was a guru when it came to job hunting. This is someone that can travel to the end of the world for job interviews or aptitude tests.

So when he mentioned KPMG, a part of me wanted to apply, a part of me wanted to decline but after much persuasions and encouragement, I decided to take a cue from him and try, I started the application process. It was tedious, the tedious nature of the application got me wondering “on top wetin?’’. But then I just continued giving the benefit of doubt.

After some days I was able to submit my application in a manner which was to me haphazardly but who cared? after all I wasn’t banking on it. Lo and behold I got invited for the test surprisingly but my joy turned to worry and despair when I saw the venue. A place I totally didn’t know in Lagos. To go or not to go?

Eventually the D-day came a…