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Tutorial 4 : How to start customising a shirt

This tutorial has been long overdue, I’m sorry its coming late but I had to learn from the masters of the art before putting this up.(thanks ozee clothings).

First of all when customising a shirt, whether t-shirt, crop tops, shirts two things are involved , the materials used and the design for the clothing materials. Polyester or cotton is used, cotton is usually of more quality the medium used to reflect the design is another important factor there are ususally 3 types used

Flex is a printing technique where the design is cut from a colored foil and then pressed onto the shirt under high heat. It is not as expensive as the other forms..

Flock is a printing technique where the design is cut from a colored foil and then pressed onto the shirt under high heat.  (more tutorial lessons on this later).
Luminous printing lights up the cloth, it is said to be more expensive than the others. (more tutorial lessons on this later)
Other mediums include, direct to garment (DTG…

Diary of an Ibadan corper 2

So I started work in the wonderful city of Ibadan , putting aside my transportation wahala, I settled down to enjoy serving my fatherland. I remember how much that statement (serve your fatherland) had haunted me when I first got posted to Plateau  (watch out for diary of a Jos corper). How does one serve her fatherland dutifully in this country where almost all the states have been infested by robbers, bad roads, kidnappers, ritualists and suicide bombers? That’s what I say to anyone who asks me why I left the beautiful land of Jos.

Settling down at my local government was another palava. How is it possible that one will never get anything done in this country with a bit of ease, without having bribed the officers in charge? When CDS  or clearance days approach every week I usually dread the long queues, the pushing, the stress.. not forgetting some annoying and corrupt NYSC officials who have sworn to frustrate your life whenever you are needed at the local government.

I remember m…

I love November

Why is the 11th month of the year so special one would ask? Although according to Gregorian calendar November was the ninth month of the ancient calendar. (November from Novem which means nine). A lot of people who are aware of my love for that month have asked me several questions, it is not as if I can provide a definite answer to that question. As a matter of fact this may sound childish and na├»ve but my first attraction is the name of the month, I like the pronunciation, the sound of it… there is also this celebration mood that brews in this month… the thought of the new year ahead, the thought of Christmas in December, the end to the rains and the birth of harmattan.

The weather is usually beautiful for sporting activities this month. Although presently since almost everywhere in the world is suffering from messed  up weather conditions, climate and season and especially in Nigeria where we now have extremities of weather, November has not been acting like November but anyways I…

The training season

The assumption:  when you and everyone assume that all that one goes through is a normal occurrence, no big deal.  Note: Nothing happens as a normal occurrence, nothing happens by mistake, everything that happens has been predestined, pre-planned and prepared by God.

The uncomfortable phase: when you begin to face certain situations, that appears abnormal and unpalatable. When you long desperately for a change.

The lamentation phase: when you get tired of the situation and begin to complain to everyone, every person that is willing to hear and join the pity party ; which obviously won't help you.

The pre-realisation phase: when you begin to see that this particular situation, the series of event has been experienced by you earlier and you probably reacted the same way you are reacting.
Note: God makes us repeat examinations which are majorly life lessons in the spiritual just as we repeat examinations in real life if we keep failing.

The non- challance phase: after realizing espe…