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Diary of an Ibadan Corper

Stepping into the largest city in West Africa, I was overwhelmed by the thought that this our very own Yoruba speaking city in the west could be awarded such accolade as “largest city in Africa”. I desired to drive around town to see everywhere in this city but I knew that wasn’t possible in one day. Consolation was, I wasn’t leaving anytime soon.
My joy and excitement at residing here and being stationed here began to reduce when I took my first bus, Apata to Dugbe. I must say,This bus looked very good on the outside, deceiving a not suspecting me into getting in. I sat down and felt like I was sitting on steel, unfortunately I couldn’t get off anymore, the bus was on the move what would I have given as excuse for wanting to get off all of a sudden?

As more passengers got in, the real inconvenience began. We had to squeeze into the vehicle. A fat woman got in on the back row where I was and life became totally miserable in the bus. We hadn’t moved 10mins when we got into this terrib…


Misunderstandings are inevitable kinda.. ever wondered why today you are friends with someone and it seems as if there is no one like them and the following days you wonder how you ever coped with them ? They become like total strangers in some cases.. as much as we all long to live together peacefully and lovingly especially with loved ones, I ve come to realise we still step on each other's toes. Whether we expect it or not, I personally hate being mis understood.  Like adults say, the teeth still bites the tongue as together as they are. The most important thing is to strive to settle disputes amicably. With consideration, maturity and giving benefit of doubts  misunderstandings should be settled. As long as an individual is on this planet and alive, he or she will get into misunderstanding situations.The ability to settle differences amicably is what gives birth to love, joy and peaceful co-existence.