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Feel Good

“What am I ever going to be good at? All my life I have always had to applaud others but no applause for me. I never get noticed, even when I’m noticed its by not so very important people like me. Will I ever make it big, will I get to the top of my career? Why can't I sing like Onome? Dance like Ekaette, be humorous like Yemi , be beautiful like Ola, act in dramas like Moni, captivate the audience with my wonderful speech like Cynthia? Write widely appreciated books and articles like Ibukun? Why? Is there something wrong with me?

I can't even lead my class in tests and exams, I can't cook perfectly like my sister, I cant even attract the right people. Why does someone have to beat me in everything I do? Was I born to be a mediocre?  Or a lowlife?  My life is so pathetic.

Twenty year old  Mofe complained to her aunt. She had gone to spend her session holiday with her aunt. Her aunt who had noticed her behaviour asked her what was bothering her and what you just read was h…