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Tangerines or apple?

I woke up around 3am one midnight, I’d been having a fitful sleep, I got into the toilet to ease myself and on coming out into my room something struck me. I could vividly view the entrance to the next house from my room. My room had a great view of the community where I lived as it was upstairs. I looked at the entrance to the door of our neighbours for an abnormally long time. The manner in which their doors and burglary doors were locked got me wondering “I definitely saw them last night…… are they away? Didn’t they sleep in tonight?” not that I forgot it was normal to lock doors at night but for the first time in my life, the awkwardness in the reality of locking one’s doors and gates up at night hit me. It felt rather strange that our neighbours, including ourselves and other millions of Nigerians everywhereelse had to lock gates and doors up at night. Some even had extra measures like barricades, iron bars when going to sleep. As if all tha…