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Dealing when crap happens. --- The Three Rs

Crap happens to everyone. Crap is a messed up situation, especially one that you are not expecting. How many times have you been faced with such situations? something or a situation that catches you unawares? like when in an examination hall you discover the first three compulsory questions are from that part of your note you forgot to read and it is an examination without bonds. Or when MMM suddenly folded up and you just invested a huge sum. Yeah, i thik you've got the idea.
Image credits Crap, happens most times when we least expect it,be it a business that failed, a marriage that failed, a job offer that failed, an emotional mess or a financial mess, things don't always go the way we plan it.That you find yourself in an unpalatable situation doesn't necessarily mean it is your fault. Bad things happen to good people, life is sometimes not fair but we keep living in it. I like to believe that it is possible to guard against ugly situations, what I mean is, it is possible …