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Pain has never been has always been a difficult pill to swallow. Writing about pain itself has made me realise that no amount of words can fully express how pain feels and what pain is. If you doubt me,  ask a Lady who just lost her baby or a man who just got robbed.
Yes, pain comes in different forms.
The longer you stay alive, the more you realise that pain is a phenomenon that virtually everyone on earth has to undergo at some points. It  doesn't only mean physical pain but psychological and emotional. Physical pain hurts less.  Anyway nothing lasts forever, this is why from experience I have been able to summarize how I believe one can get over pain in this 7 points:

1. Accept that something happened to you and you are not the only one having to deal with pain. It is usually good when one accepts bad situations and pain instead of denying or pretending it never occurred. Accepting helps you to heal faster.

2. Talk about it but only when you are ready. Do not rush thin…