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Naive Nancy

She has the common exuberance of a kid, she is friendly, flighty, childish and gullible. She seems to want to know everything yet she lacks knowledge and wisdom.

The mighty God

The Mighty God is a song to chant when trying to explain and experience the unlimiting and endless power of God.The song centers on the greatness,sovereignty and incomparability of God and that makes Him not to be "a mighty GOD" but "The Mighty God".    
This song is an inspiration from God through this talented brother. May you find joy and peace as you listen to it.

Solomon STEPHEN is an anointed, multi-talented vocalist and instrumentalist.  He started his musical career professionally in year 2008.
Solomon has 6 years experience in music  directing, has featured in quiet a number of other gospel albums and has also ministered powerfully in churches nationwide.

He is the founder of Asaph Musics; an arm of Asaph Media. Solomon is married and blessed with a child.

Album Description

The song describes God as not “A MIGHTY” Go…

Tutorial : How to style natural hair

Tutorials are back on brownySays blog. This time around, I've decided to delve into fashion more and this particular post is specially for natural hair lovers.