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BSB INTERVIEW: Interview with Adeyemi Onayemi

Adeyemi Onayemi is a young graduate of biochemistry from Yaba college of technology. He is an upcoming script writer and film maker. Apart from the fact that he is passionate, resilient and talented , he is a determined and hardworking script writer who is set to impact his generation and bring a new dimension into the world of script writing.
He recently filmed his first short film "Twisted" having just concluded his youth service. Read his interview by brownySays blog (BSB) below:

BSB :What was growing up like?

Adeyemi :   It was fun. I'm from an average family. Life was not difficult. I had everything I needed to get to where I am at the moment.

BSB:  Tell us how you ventured into script writing

Adeyemi: I started scriptwriting class on my phone with Google in the 2010. Then 2013, I went to study the course at pefti film institute.

BSB : Why script writing?

Adeyemi:Not just script writing. I love film making. Well, script writing for me is important. It is a tool for…

BSB BOOK REVIEW : Better tomorrow by Dotun Famoriyo

Dotun Famoriyo is a young and enthusiastic writer. I met him earlier this year at an African students for liberty hangout.

One thing I admire about him is the fact that he believes so much in his dreams and he keeps putting in his best to achieve them.
He has published his first book" Better tomorrow " and here is a review by MSC Okolo.

Book Review
Title: Better Tomorrow
Author: ‘Dotun Famoriyo
Publisher: Quantum G Concept
Year: 2017
Pages: 39
Reviewer: MSC Okolo
There is, perhaps, no phase that determines what someone becomes in life as the youth stage.  The attitude developed at this stage, parental direction and societal input all come together to determine either a great future or a wasted one.

In Better Tomorrow, Dotun Famoriyo presents the attributes necessary for achieving a great future.  Through the experiences of the main character, Dayo, the author reveals the cardinal principles of making it in life.  These include having a mental disposition that change is poss…

Delightful December

There is something special about the last 10 days of the year. The weather changes, the atmosphere changes, excitement fills the air, people begin to prepare for holidays even private companies and conglomerates are forced to give holidays to their workers. It’s a season that naturally strives to prevent sadness, restrictions and dull moments. It’s a period of giving, sharing, meeting, reuniting, spending time with family and loved ones. What makes this season so special? Is it purely scientific? Is it the fact that we celebrate Christ, is it because of the geographic calendar? Or is it just meant to be?
Image source
Another fact to consider is stepping into the New Year. Could the fact that one is stepping into a new year be the reason for the season's turnaround and excitement? According to Brian W. Carter, the word to describe this season is ‘joyful’. It is one of the busiest times of the year as well for store owners especially as people flock into stores to take advantage of s…

The second sex story

You must have read my first sex story here, if you haven't, you still can below. Here is another one.... Heads turned, hearts skipped and time seemed to stop whenever Dotun was near. Dotun was the representative of his department and everyone loved him, he wasn't only handsome, he was brilliant. So you can imagine how i felt the first time our paths crossed, it was at a tutorial. I had, had to approach him for "proper" explanations. I was not good in calculations and i simply adored those who were good in it. I had also finished from an all females school and believe me when i say my knowledge about guys and their ways really sucked. The things i found embarrassing wasn't embarrassing to other girls and more annoying was the fact that I had a serious crush on Dotun. I was angry at myself for feeling light headed and somewhat special the day Dotun asked us to study together. I was happy that we could be together for some time without any interference. Dotun must …

I just had sex!

It was few days to Valentine, I already had an odd feeling, something different was  going to happen this particular Valentine. I could feel it considering the fact that I just recently said "yes" to Yanju. My heart skipped even at the thought of him.


Pain has never been has always been a difficult pill to swallow. Writing about pain itself has made me realise that no amount of words can fully express how pain feels and what pain is. If you doubt me,  ask a Lady who just lost her baby or a man who just got robbed.
Yes, pain comes in different forms.
The longer you stay alive, the more you realise that pain is a phenomenon that virtually everyone on earth has to undergo at some points. It  doesn't only mean physical pain but psychological and emotional. Physical pain hurts less.  Anyway nothing lasts forever, this is why from experience I have been able to summarize how I believe one can get over pain in this 7 points:

1. Accept that something happened to you and you are not the only one having to deal with pain. It is usually good when one accepts bad situations and pain instead of denying or pretending it never occurred. Accepting helps you to heal faster.

2. Talk about it but only when you are ready. Do not rush thin…

October 1 : Does 57 look good on Nigeria?

A land of great resources, a land birthing talents and greatness, a land upheld by God despite her flaws. Blessed beyond measure, a land of heroes and intellectuals coupled with rogues.
Nigeria at 57, how far? Its not wrong to say Nigeria has improved in some areas especially infrastructures although we are not there yet. Looking at some of the states of Nigeria there have been more industrial constructions, roads and bridges although  some roads are still left unattended to. Federal government declared recently that our economy has improved and government has been able to keep Nigeria as 1, no major wars against all odds, well that is an achievement in a way but some situations have not changed.

Nigeria has remained a middle-income, mixed economy and emerging market, with expanding manufacturing, financial, service, communications and entertainment sectors. For purchasing power parity comparisons, the US dollar is exchanged at 1 USD to within 314.27  to 350 Nigerian Naira as of 2017…


Abeokuta, the state capital of Ogun state in southwest Nigeria is one of Nigeria’s most industrious cities and is home to several caves and tourist attractions. Abeokuta is known for her peaceful nature, although in time past history tells the story of how war and battle rocked the land hence the story of the legendary Olumo rock and how the name Abeokuta came to be.

In this article, I will be mentioning in no particular order 5 things that makes Abeokuta awesome. Apart from the fact that it is the home of former president Olusegun Obasanjo , an influential being in Nigeria, it is also the home of Olumo rock and Ake palace, great historical places in the history of Nigeria. The first woman to drive a car in Nigeria , Funmilayo Ransome Kuti also hails from Abeokuta. If you have been referring to Abeokuta as a village and boring place to be, think again, Abeokuta might just be more important than you think it is

1.The first newspaper in Nigeria was started in Abeokuta.

Iwe Irohin news…


Now that the holidays are over, are you prepared for the new session? Or would you rather extend your holidays? I remember years back when I was in secondary school, I used to anxiously wait for holidays to end majorly because I was missing most of my friends but when it's Sunday night, a night to resumption I begin to wish I can re-start the holidays. Funny isn't it? But isn't that how we sometimes live our lives? We prepare for success , study, plan and acquire knowledge but when its time to further, move ahead or launch into the next level we grow weary, lazy or even take it for granted.

As a student, no matter how much you hate the idea of resuming you find yourself resuming this Is because one way or the other you don't want to be left behind. You don't want your mates to leave you in the same level. So you move, against all odds you rise, no matter how tired, weary or uninterested you get you don't stop moving you take tests  and you write exams to enable…


There is this thing about feelings of self respect and regard, this same thing is what makes it possible for praise singers to make money from singing praises of individuals, this same thing makes it possible for beggars or party drummers (Alagbe) to get tokens. This feelings appeal to that emotional side of the human mind, that part of the brain connected to self worth and of course it makes you feel good, having a feeling of importance, self worth makes one feel really good. I wouldn’t necessarily call it self esteem but then it is something like it. This same feeling must definitely be responsible for the constant urge to succeed and be perfect. So yes we all have the tendency to be atelophobic but of course at different levels and intensity.
The first time I learnt about atelophobia, I realized this is a phobia that can affect anybody no matter your class or status. It’s the fear of failure or being imperfect, funny how one can have an extreme or irrational fear of or serious aver…

Taking bold steps...

Sometimes even when we’ve done our best, our best appears not enough. Not because it is our fault, not because we are not good enough but because some situations require more: more wisdom, more hands on deck, more courage and so on. But then we can only try, we still sometimes get it wrong. One of the mistakes we make as individuals is remaining in an unpalatable situation for too long. Especially when it's a sadistic employment. Let me tell you a bit about this type of employment which is of course typical in Nigeria today.
 Most  Sunday evenings are dreaded even if one wasn’t due for work until monday evening, that short time of rest which was rare and only on occasions could never compensate for the rigour of the job.  This type of job that causes female workers to suffer miscarriages at different times. Workers get sad and worried because they know it's going to be another week of harrowing experience at work, it was nightshift and everyone was expected to be active all ni…

Been long you saw me

I  know right, why haven't i posted here in a while? well I've been busy attending to some of  the responsibilities God gave me. I also had a wonderful time speaking to the students of my great Alma mater "ST BIRGITTAS NUR and PRY SCHOOL. I should of course share the wonderful  experience and some pictures here on the blog soon.
In recent times I've come to realize that we all get to certain points in our lives, where we are expected to take bold steps, which are of course orchestrated by God above just like every other step we find ourselves taking. nothing happens without God's prior knowledge.. and so in my next article TAKING BOLD STEPS , I will be revealing some of the bold steps i took and some real life occurrence that happened to me... watch out


Uncertainty is an unknown information, unsure situation and a dicey circumstance. It's a condition in which most of us find ourselves in, in our journey through life. How often we experience Uncertainty depends on how daring, withdrawn or complacent we are. If we give in to uncertainty, we may make wrong decisions, taking the wrong turn and it may ruin things.

For every action there is an equal opposite reaction and for every challenge or unpleasant situation there is a solution. How do we act and overcome when faced with uncertainty?

* Since the reason you are uncertain in the first instance is because you do not know what to do, then do nothing... WAIT and be PATIENT. Do not make hasty decisions

* Weigh the situation, decide the things you can control and those you can't control in the circumstances.

* After separating them, put aside the things you can't control and focus on those you have control over.

* Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of making each decision ap…

Sango to Abeokuta ( The estranged driver)

I  knew I had to go home that day but time wasn’t on my side at all.My then workplace was one where you hardly got permission to get away from work, whether you had genuine reasons or not you have to be at work till closing hours, except of course you lie.

As at six thirty pm I had no means of transportation from work to the park. I was beginning to worry, anxiety had set in. But not long after , I saw a free bike coming towards passengers on the road not minding the amount that was likely to
be charged I got on the bike to the nearest bus stop. From there I took a bus to the Sango bus park. I boarded another bus to Sango by then it was few mins to 8pm and I knew it was going to be very dark before I get home. At Sango I was desperate to get a vehicle fast , I saw cars but there was no passenger in it so I took a bus which had space for one left. I felt lucky and got in thinking the bus would move in a twinkle of an eye. On sitting down I realized I had made a wrong choice, the seat …

Let the kids play

Being around kids lately, I’ve come to realize how much this generation is missing  . At first when dozens of memes suggesting how much fun the kids in the 90s and 80s  had compared to today’s kids (the computer age) started trooping out on social media, I felt Nigerians were at it again and this was just overrated and mere exaggeration. But spending more time around kids in their schools of recent made me realize how much today’s kids have been denied the ability to really play and have fun. These kids have been brought up in such stereotyped ways which only gives room for school, church/mosque then home. For some few social parents , once in a while outings or visitations are allowed.  The advent of smart phones, smart computers and other advanced technological gadgets has worsened the issue as some kids would rather play with their phones or computers than go out to play.
A teacher was trying to teach her kids to play a particular game during sports and recreation time, unfortunate…

African Youth Peace Call (AYPC's press release

African Youth Peace Call (AYPC), Nigeria, set to host CoinFest Nigeria, an international gathering of BitCoiners, Crypto-Enthusiasts, Programmers/Developers, (eCommerce) Entrepreneurs, Merchants, and Traders, as a way of incentivize Cryptocurrency acceptance while educating the public on the importance of Cryptocurrencies, and the use of Decentralize Technologies.

African Youth Peace Call (AYPC), Nigeria, is an independent nonprofit, research and educational organization devoted to the principles of individual liberty, private property rights, free markets, the rule of law and limited government.

 Since 2015, AYPC Nigeria has being on the vanguard of promoting Economic Freedom, with support from Amagi Centre, African Students For Liberty,, Initiative for Public Policy (IPPA),, Heritage Foundation, Atlas Network, and Bastiat Society, Nigeria.

Nigeria is one of the seven (7) countries across the world hosting this convention. CoinFest Nigeria promises to be exc…

The challenges of liberty in Nigeria (part 1)

One of the many barriers to the propagation of liberty in our country is Ethnicity which of course is a mother to some other barriers.

Ever wondered why Nigeria has over 200 ethnic groups? Why there is so much strife and hatred within? Why the rights to liberty and freedom of individuals seems to be infringed upon? Ever wondered what the barriers are to free speech, free movement, free participation in activities, norms and traditions?

Ethnicity is the fact or state of belonging to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition, an ethnic group is a social group that shares a common and distinctive culture, religion, language and beliefs. Without doubt, one should realize that the existence of several ethnic groups in Nigeria may keep posing  disadvantages and barriers to individual, economic and social growth. If we begin to examine how much lives and properties has been lost to tribal wars and ethnic group disagreements one wonders how we got to this point . A state…

BSB INTERVIEW : Interview with Seun Adebajo Osigbesan

It wasn't so easy getting to interview her because of her busy schedule and all, she was recently nominated for the best actress in a comedy for the AMVCA 2017... thanks aunty Seun for granting this interview...

Seun Adebajo Osigbesan is  a nollywood actress, known for her impeccable role in the t.v series THE JOHNSONS she tells  us about her journey so far…..

Tell us about yourself

I am Oluwaseun Adebajo Osigbesan, am the 3rd child of 4 children. I studied “performing Arts” at olabisi Onabanjo University. I am a lover of God. I have a
 strong passion for acting, I also dance and sing. I love fashion most especially Ankara fabrics design. I love to be unique and I love to be real.

How did you get into acting?

I started acting professionally in 2010 with Kamsons and neighbor by Tunji Bamishigbin (the producer of PALACE) old hit series. Kamsons and neighbours stopped in 2011 even though I was a replacement for one of the major characters in the family. Kamsons and neighbor was a fam…

Naive Nancy

She has the common exuberance of a kid, she is friendly, flighty, childish and gullible. She seems to want to know everything yet she lacks knowledge and wisdom.

The mighty God

The Mighty God is a song to chant when trying to explain and experience the unlimiting and endless power of God.The song centers on the greatness,sovereignty and incomparability of God and that makes Him not to be "a mighty GOD" but "The Mighty God".    
This song is an inspiration from God through this talented brother. May you find joy and peace as you listen to it.

Solomon STEPHEN is an anointed, multi-talented vocalist and instrumentalist.  He started his musical career professionally in year 2008.
Solomon has 6 years experience in music  directing, has featured in quiet a number of other gospel albums and has also ministered powerfully in churches nationwide.

He is the founder of Asaph Musics; an arm of Asaph Media. Solomon is married and blessed with a child.

Album Description

The song describes God as not “A MIGHTY” Go…

Tutorial : How to style natural hair

Tutorials are back on brownySays blog. This time around, I've decided to delve into fashion more and this particular post is specially for natural hair lovers.

Its January 26 again!

1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, ,17, 20, 24, 26th!...........sometimes I wonder, why did I come out on the 26th? Why couldn’t my birthday be the 10th, the 5th , the 20th or even the 25th why 26th?


Change is constant, more constant than Constance herself. Change is the only thing that never changes. Change can come unannounced without notice, no prior information. That is why some changes are referred to as sudden, as unsuspecting as change can be, it sometimes comes announced. Such is the change of jobs, resigning from one job to another, change of name, address and so on.

A lot of people have the believe that once its time to enter into a new year, January again, it is automatically a form of change. As if it is automatic that change occurs as the earth completes a revolution and a new year is welcomed. But have you ever wondered why, January comes and goes and we all still continue with the business of the day?

Hardly no change? Most people resume at the same workplace , same position, students resume to the same school , have you ever imagined why the seeming excitement of an expected form of newness that comes with the new year suddenly dies down leaving everyone to fac…