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Memoirs of a Plateau corper

I may not be able to write a diary of a Plateau corper, but I can share some of the memories I had while in Plateau…..
On getting to Akwanga there was something strange and different about the environment.
I felt it physically and psychologically that I was out of my comfort zone and region. It was almost as if I was out of Nigeria. I know that sounds funny but it is true. We got to the place popularly called Forest, it was the entrance into Plateau state and I immediately knew without doubt how the place had really earned its name. The trees were so tall and much and the whole place as beautiful as it was, was scary.

Journeying through the roadblocks and barricades got me thinking, Nigeria has still not gotten over war threats and situations, why else would every checkpoint in the north resemble an hideout, soldier’s camp or roadblock. We got to Marraba Jama at around quarter to 12 midnight and our driver stopped the bus, saying he couldn’t take us further.
He claimed he had passen…

Dry bones

Jummai woke up startled. She just had a dream, in her dream she was running alongside some people she recognized as her colleagues then suddenly she fell down but when she did her colleagues did not stop running so she became annoyed in the dream that she stood up and raced after them then suddenly overtook them and then she woke up.

Jummai was bothered about the dream,although she had been having problems with her co-workers at work she never thought it would be that serious as to cause her nightmares. Later on in the day after telling her bosom friend who encouraged her to wave it that it was just her mind playing pranks on her, she felt relieved.

Two weeks later while rushing to work, Jummai was caught up in a traffic jam which led to her arriving 30mins late to work. Her boss who had been pestering her for an affair didn’t waste time before handing her an indefinite suspension letter. To add insult to her injury, other colleagues including junior workers especially the oga’s secr…

The Olympics at Rio

Never did I imagine I will be writing on this but then some things just happen because they are bound to happen. I started getting interested in Nigeria’s house ambassadors when my curious friend called my attention to the Nigerian ambassador to the Olympics at Rio. She wanted to know what the ambassador’s role was in Rio, why he was needed if he won’t be directly involved in arranging for venues or making sure the athletes get to the venue in good conditions, what benefits he gets, if this was just a compensation to him for running for president and losing under the ruling party? why he was even associated with sports in the first place, if there are no others who could fit the bill, how much it was costing the government to sponsor him and the athletes, why the Olympics ambassador was not too persistent about athletes’ welfare…..

It was in the bid to find answers to these questions that I realized that Nigeria had financial problems sponsoring the athletes and encouraging the…