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Genre : Drama film
Director : Alex Kendrick
Year : 2015

From the producers of GOD’S NOT DEAD, FIREPROOF AND CONQUEROR comes another inspiring movie WAR ROOM. War room is an American christian based movie, a fusion of film techniques , action and style with many scenes and locations. One can say this movie is a wake up call to all Christians far and wide, a re-awakening call on the importance of prayer , discipline and faith in the race of life. Elizabeth (Priscilla Shirer)and

Tony Jordan (T.C Stallings) are examples of the average Christian society couple, who keep patching things up in their failing marriage, leaving God out of the equation. Educative and informative, this movie exposes the cause of one of the major ills of our society, broken marriages.

The movie further explains how continuous quests for money drives lots of individuals including so called Christians to the extreme, doing the unimaginable for money. Elizabeth and Tony’s daughter Danielle (Alena pitts), a …

My drug overuse experience

I got back from work very tired as usual but particularly very tired and weak that day. All through the week I kept noticing symptoms of malaria but I ignored it. This particular day I realized I needed to do something fast about my health. I was feeling body pains, headache, sore throat, cold and stomach upset all at the same I spoke to my guardian who advised that I use malaria tablets and septrin. My sister told me earlier to treat typhoid, she told me to get amoxillin tablets but I did not then. so I decided to get all of these drugs now and use at intervals that night because of the way I was feeling. So I used all of these drugs within the space of an hour. Then I used piriton along with it to enable me sleep. So stupid of me right? I don’t know what I was thinking…

After 30mins, I started feeling uncomfortable. I was feeling whozy, dizzy, terrible at the same time. By now it was night and every other person in the house had slept but I couldn’t . I kept turning and toss…

10 nollywood actors that live in Ibadan

Some of them have lived, while some are currently living in Ibadan. These are great actors and actresses who have in a way contributed to the yoruba movie industry especially.
Some of them have shot great movies in Ibadan too. I have always encouraged nollywood in some of my write ups and unlike most Nigerian youths I believe that the whole of Nollywood in general, the Yoruba movies, english movies, ibo movies and Hausa movies are improving daily.

1. Femi Adebayo

2. Dele Odule
 3. Laide Bakare

 4. Rose Odika

 5. Bimbo Oshin

 6.   Toyin Aimakhu

 7. Adebayo Faleti

8. Kola Oyewo

 9. Peju Ogunmola

10. Muyiwa Ademola

A big house

I walked to the giant gate, I didn’t know whether to press the bell or knock on the gate. I eventually did both, silly you would think but logically I pressed the bell at first  for what seemed like ages and got no response so I had to knock.

After what seemed like eternity she walked up to the gate and opened up for me.Tall and fat, her face was expressionless I didn’t know whether she was happy to see me or not. Her low cut revealed some grey hair, this was my second time seeing her but I still saw new features in her. she led me into the giant house after walking through the massive compound she told me to feel at home while she disappeared into the house.

As I wandered through the sitting room, I wondered why just one person will live in such a big house. She reappeared minutes later and told me she was going out. She showed me the kitchen which was like miles away from the sitting room, I discovered there were three other sitting rooms , one was even bigger than what I thought w…

Everyone's time will come

I was going to write my NYSC experience, already advertised and prepared to write the article  such that lots of people were looking forward to it. Then life happened. I suddenly became occupied with rounding up at my PPA , sewing clothes  and the most tasking of all assisting my sister with the baby.

Yes ..her time had come to have and  nurture her baby and my own time had come to take up all her other responsibilities and assist her the best way I can. As I sit and write this I remember the days when we were younger, how had imagined that the things which I now do were meant for grown women and big aunties. How I had imagined the time will never come for me to step into that position. How I had imagined it was going to take forever before that time came.

Now I know better, there is time for everything, we individuals run the race of our lives at different pace and time. Your time might say you are in the afternoon, mine might say I m in the evening or in the morning.

My point exact…