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Diary of an Ibadan corper 4

Time flies, time waits for no one. Service year is gradually going, if there is one thing I am constantly glad about it is the fact that my struggle for monthly payment voucher signing will soon end. Also my weekly CDS signings to will be history. How I hate and dread  PV signing queues. Asides from the sometimes annoying officials there was frustrating queues but there were funny CDS personalities, friends I met. This made the experience a bit of fun. As it was interesting and fun to watch different young people, different nature, different behaviours. I met this young lady, who was a movie freak she was always rushing about, looking for whom to download, get films from. She never lacked nollywood movies on her phone. She even made friends over this. She became my friend because she thought I had movies on my phone and she wanted some! She is so flighty and loud.
One experience I mustn’t fail to mention is the nationwide NYSC headcount experience. That experience was a bad one. I had…

10 things I love about Ibadan

Having spent the last 10months here,  I decided to write about a few pluses I think Ibadan has, I mean no state has it all but then Ibadan is really a cool place trust me....

1. Ibadan is the largest Yoruba city with social Amenities. This is such a prestigious thing about this state. It is a big city with different areas, scenes and locations. A balance of the enlightened, bubbling youth and indigenous adults.

2    Its peaceful nature
Ibadan is simply a balance between the ever peaceful Abeokuta and the industrial Lagos.

3.The malls and cinemas here are so accessible, reduced hold up and  the traffic is lighter. I can’t forget the first time I was going to see a movie at the Ikeja city mall with my cousins, we saw the movie right there in the car, we practically spent the whole day trying to get to Ikeja. The hold up was from the pit of hell!

4. Everything is cheaper!
 From transportation to food, its just less costly and more affordable.

5.Almost every church and industry has a bran…

Do the Right thing....

The right thing is the right thing . Not the seemingly right thing, not the wrong right thing. There is no amendment to the right thing, it is simply the right thing. I have to give it to Bez and Cobhams, the duo who released a song based on this title. Often times as humans we have devised ways to justify dastardly acts. We always have a good reason to do the wrong things. Everyone of us have a tiny voice of reasoning ‘the conscience’  who is the earthly judge of things,  somebody might say who decides whether something is right/wrong. The conscience does.

The world and the society has not even helped matters, it usually seems easier to do evil and more stressful to do good. How then will people stick to doing good against all odds? Will doing right ever gain grounds? Some people's conscience no longer lives or maybe they have just grown so hardened such that they no longer relate with the voice of reasoning.
When will we learn to act well, agree to do right even when or if it i…