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Diary of an Ibadan corper 3

Transportation remained a re-occuring challenge, I can not forget the day I went with two friends to the market after work, I should have turned down the request but I had an errand to run too. We should have left early if I had known. It was on a Friday which worsened the case. We went first to the mall to get what my guardian sent me not knowing what still awaited us, after some minutes in the mall we went to the market. One of us was going to buy a bag and shoe,we kept entering different stores she just wasn’t satisfied. I was getting angry but our other friend appealed to me to be patient,

I was becoming wary of time and the atmosphere was beginning to change as if it was going to rain. I still hadn’t gotten any of the things I decided to get for myself, by the time we eventually satisfied this my friend, I had lost the desire to go further to get anything. I almost turned back cancelling what I had to get but my friends encouraged me. By the time we got to the weavon store the r…

christmas Jubilee!

Christmas comes once in a year
 Christmas comes with no fear
Christmas brings several stares and glare
A glamorous occasion so very dear….

I thought about Christmas and the above came to mind…another thing that came to mind is the way christmas is celebrated. Yes we know we represent Christmas as the birth of Jesus but then how did we come about father Christmas/ santa claus such that it became a tradition and we all especially kids look forward to it yearly?
From tales, father Christmas was said to have started because of a man, st Nicholas who lived in a place now regarded as Turkey. He was a very rich man because his parents died when he was young and left him a lot of money. He was very kind and had reputation for helping and giving to the poor.  He gave secretly too. Sometimes ago He started dropping bags of gold in the home of a certain poor man secretly every night to enable the man get his daughters married.  Finally the poor man determined to know who was giving him money, t…


I was a bit disappointed when in November the harmattan still hadn’t surfaced,as if it was playing hide and seek. Instead of harmattan people complained of heat and hot weather. Who would have thought that come first week in December the harmattan will be fully out? The messed up weather conditions all over so much deceived me into believing the harmattan will be late this year. Dry air all around me, feeling cold as I write this I realize that just as I have misjudged the season and the year a lot of times we misjudge people, circumstances and situations.
We see something odd and surprising about a particular thing , person or circumstances and we are quick to sum it all up and judge. A lot of talents, gifts and opportunities have been lost because we fail to dig deep, we fail to clean up the mud and see the gold, we fail to see the diamond beneath.we fail to give benefit of doubts.

If late Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s ability to pass messages across through his ‘Afrobeat’ songs had been deni…

December Rush

For some reasons everyone rushes towards December.  I ve been seeing a lot of ‘I love december” “seasons greetings” pms and dps. Consciously or unconsciously one realizes that no matter how broke people claim to be, the society is looking forward to Christmas, preparing for Christmas in December.
 People prepare for various reasons, for some its merriment and time to be with distant loved ones again, for some it’s the interesting and exciting Christmas church services and beautiful carol renditions, for others it is the holidays they get, free days to do whatever they like and for some it’s the time to make extra money (industries that pay for extra work hours during holidays). For some it’s the time to achieve all they have been unable to achieve all through the year. Marriage, house warming, buying a new car and so on.

All in all, there is a rush before December and there is another rush in December (Christmas celebration and merriment) then the rush after December ( Rush into the …