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So I decided to share one of my movie reviews for Nollysilverscreen here...

Title : Yeepa!
Genre : play/ drama
Director :  Niji Akanni
Year : 2014
 Yeepa! Is a filmed Tunde Kelani Play, a fusion of stage and film technique adapted from Femi Osofisan”s classic literature “who is afraid of Solarin” interpreted as Yeepa! Solarin nbo.
Without many locations and scenes, one can say this play is a tribute to the late Disciplinarian Tai Solarin but at the same time its an expose  on the level of moral decadence and corruption in the country. From the council chairman (Ropo Ewenla),  to the pastor with secrets (Ebun Oloyede olaiya) down to the various councilors. Their quests to bribe the public complaints commissioner and the manner in which  (Bayo Bankole) appeared as Isola Oriebora, the fake commissioner deceiving not only the councilors but the pastor”s innocent daughter cecilia all depicts this. Humor in the play, the funny cast names, Polycarp the semi- moron houseboy , w…

Handling embarrassments

“I was already midway my speech when I abruptly stopped, I had totally forgotten the next lines and it was to be recited offhand. The audience started clapping for me, deep down I knew they wanted me to get off the stage because they were young people mostly students and when they clapped like that, that is exactly what they mean especially when it was accompanied with laughter and jeers. After stuttering for about 2mins, I gave up and climbed down from the podium. That was my first speech to an audience of young people and I had never been more embarrassed my whole life”. Tara says.
When Femi was called to speak in front of the whole congregation at a campus fellowship he didn’t know his trouser’s zip had worn out and his underwear were revealing. It was when an usher came to whisper in his ears that he knew the reason for the congregation’s chuckles. Femi confessed how embarrassed he was.

To be embarrassed is to be disgraced, ashamed, nervous or uncomfortable in a social situation…