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Living off campus 4

It turned out to be Ola. Ola was a casual friend of mine, those kinds of friends you make as a result of a necessity or a joint responsibility. More like an acquaintance, I had an inkling Ola really liked me but I pretended not to notice. Seeing him that afternoon really surprised me, we were through with the fellowship project that brought us together, what could he possibly want? I thought within myself
After exchanging greetings and settling down, I expected him to state the reason for his visit but he only looked at me and smiled. This got me more impatient and irritated. He obviously wasn’t my kind of person. As if that wasn’t enough, I had secretly hoped that Ife wouldn’t leave me alone with him but unfortunately she stood up and excused herself from the room.
I was angry, now he will think he is being given free space to talk. i didn’t bother offering him anything, I didn’t want to prolong his stay. He picked up our album and started looking through making comments which I o…

Living off campus 3

It was Wole. We had no choice than to serve him. Then few minutes later, Laura came in to “greet” us. She started to complain about having stew but no vegetables I was getting impatient and angry but Ife had already entered the kitchen taking a bowl to give her . As we all sat eating I was calculating in my head our three hundred naira 10 pieces of meat was finished. The stew we were hoping will last all through the weekend. Yet it was still Thursday.
After all our uninvited guests were gone, I started to blame Ife out of frustration she was supposed to lock the door since she came in last. In the midst of these we had totally forgotten we still had to fetch water for the evening and the following day. By the time we stopped arguing and realized we hadn’t fetched water, it was too late to go out. Our house was surrounded by thick bushes which the caretaker had refused to take care of even after collecting money from each room for it. This made snakes our estranged visitors.
Neither I…

Living off campus 2

Ifeoluwa was half naked fumbling with her clothes, struggling and scrambling to pull her trousers up to zip it. Guilt written all over her, I quickly composed myself then I greeted Tunji who was carrying on as if nothing happened. I told her I was back before leaving the room.
As I walked back to our room, I couldn’t stop replaying the scene I just witnessed. What had just happened? As I entered our room and slumped on the bed, Ife sauntered in. I was so disappointed that I was trembling. ‘I m sorry you had to see us that way.’ She said ‘ but I accepted to date Tunji long time ago’ she continued. I felt bad, so I had been living with a pretender. No wonder Toye left the room furnished for us. Toye was Tunji’s friend besides Tunji could have paid. I was still lost in thoughts when she immediately started talking about one of our friends whom she ran into in school. I knew she was trying to bury the hatchet. It was a topic too embarrassing and annoying to discuss so I grudgingly played…

Living off campus

I was excited when Ifeoluwa suggested that we became roommates. We were very good friends and it was our second year in the university and having spent our first year in the school hostel we decided to see what it was like to live off campus.
The thought of living together outside school got me more excited. We immediately set out together to search for a suitable apartment. The first day ended and we were disappointed as we were unable to find a place that suit us. After 3 days of frantic search with no success we were beginning to lose hope and was preparing to go back to the school hostel when a friend called to inform us of an apartment . He was moving out of the apartment so it was luck on our side. The apartment was self contained and Toye our friend left his rug, window blind, kitchen cabinet for us without collecting a dime. I was so overjoyed that I didn’t think there was more to Toye’s generosity we just thanked him and packed into the room.
The first …

story series

hi, i am sorry this is coming late but I am about to introduce story series into the blog. so watch out for interesting series on here.. first i will be introducing living off campus, a series i thought i completed but then by popular demand I am continuing it... see episode 1 to 6 first....


Over a decade ago, the whole neighbourhood in which I lived in was thrown into darkness. This lasted for a whole year, it all started when our transformer blew up and stopped generating power. All efforts to make the government then in power provide a new one proved abortive. Within that year a lot of people moved to another neighbourhood, I don’t know what held my parents back. it was a year of candles and lanterns all night, only a few people were privileged to own a generator , which was so rare then.
The only times we took cold water or drinks was when mum bought iced block from the other part of town, we resorted to sun drying as our major means of preservation of perishable was like living in a village. Now when I look back, I began to wonder, how did we survive a whole year in darkness? Again this same incidence repeated itself when we moved to our new neighbourhood, that lasted for well over a year, about a year and 7months. A lot of people went beserk, we couldn’…